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Women health problems in sexual sphere

Why women’s health problems begin from the sexual sphere?

I propose to consider this problem from the moment the girl fetal development, and when there is ovarian tab and female germ cells. New human body is born from the merger of two reproductive cells – female (egg) and male (sperm). Therefore, an essential condition for the formation of a child’s health is reproductive and physical health of parents. During fetal development addictions, chronic diseases of the mother taking the drug during pregnancy and the child gets in varying degrees, affect the reproductive cells bookmark. At birth, the girls in the ovaries is genetically determined number of germ cells, which it uses to lifelong learning and update them does not occur, which means that all the harmful effects during its life will affect the health of her future children. Smoking and alcohol intake damage the genetic material of the women. The important role played by physical, moral and mental health of young mothers. All kinds of bad habits, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, and various harmful factors cause significant harm to the woman’s body and her sexual cells.

Why start an inflammatory process in the ovaries?

The causes of inflammation of the uterus can be: in the first case caused by an infection, it more often infections that sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, gonorrhea, trichomonas, and viral infection – herpes simplex virus, cytomegalovirus, papilloma virus person and their associations; in the second case – it is inflammation caused by a pathological process – endometrioz. In both cases, edema, thickening of the ovarian tissue, and if the ovaries are “sick” they can not perform well their funktsiyu- having hormonal disorders that can lead to tumor formation of ovaries.

How health affects the intensity of sexual activity?

Every human being needs food, rest and various activities. Just different needs for sex and they often depend not only on the human temperament, but also on the state of the body – rest or “last breath” and faster to sleep. During and shortly after sexual intercourse in the woman’s blood is thrown out a large amount of endorphins – the hormones of “happiness”, which are beneficial to all the organs and systems, improves pelvic, breast, and thus improving the function of these organs, in particular the regular profilaktiruet sexuality breast diseases (mastitis, breast fibroadenoma). But this only happens if you wish, but the desire is formed in our minds. So restore the health of the body part, without the desire to have sex will not work. It is better and more useful to make a run in the fresh air. Since the intensity of each chooses to pair and it should be mutually.

What role in the development of diseases may play an STD?

What does the concept of sexually transmitted diseases, sexually transmitted diseases by – it’s not only syphilis, gonorrhea and HIV, but ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, pappilovirusy, mycoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex virus, human papillomavirus. This infection is dangerous not only for its manifestations – pain, discomfort, discharge from the genital tract, and subsequent complications. The consequence of such infections can be a variety of inflammatory diseases of the sexual sphere, which can be transformed into pre-cancerous disease, adhesions pelvic organs, infertility, as well as the involvement of other organs. STDs can be the cause of an adverse outcome of pregnancy – miscarriage, miscarriage, premature birth and in utero transferred crumbs, thereby violating its development.
The best way to prevent complications and consequences of sexually transmitted diseases – to avoid infection. Only safe sex – safe sex.

How health affects pregnancy and childbirth?

As philosophers say – the whole purpose of a woman’s life – it is the realization of reproductive function – the birth of children. Pregnancy and childbirth are often considered under the gun multiple clinical and laboratory studies for no apparent reason. I recall that pregnancy and childbirth – is absolutely perfect physiological processes designed nature. However, nature is not thought that the woman has a bad habit, takes bad food, a sedentary lifestyle, and her body is influenced by many external hazards of our civilization. Pregnancy causes all organs and body systems to work in high-stress mode. If before the pregnancy the woman is not got no chronic diseases and pathological conditions, this stimulation of organs and systems only have a positive effect on the entire body and a woman says that during pregnancy, the skin becomes smooth and clean, hair – lush and shiny breasts acquire great shape , added strength, resistance to various infections dramatically. Others complain of increased hair loss, dark spots on the face, stretch marks on the chest and abdomen, fatigue, depression, aggravation of existing diseases, which of course is not a woman’s body heals. Psychological positive state and a woman’s desire to set up the proper operation of all organs and systems during pregnancy, giving happily enjoy and nurture her kid.

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