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Why pimples appear on the face?

What do the pimples on the face: acne card and disease

What we say acne on the face? Very often pimples accumulate in certain parts of the face, such as the forehead, cheeks, temples or in the chin. Other parts of the face at the same time always remain clean. In Eastern medicine it is believed that all the pimples on the skin – a consequence of problems with internal organs, various diseases. Many domestic Estheticians this too agree with eastern medicine. Read on the article if you want to know what they say pimples on the face, how to read the map of acne on the face, on the work of public authorities should pay attention.

What do the pimples on the face: acne on the face card

So, what kind of unhealthy body can be determined by the way in which parts of the face you jump pimples

What do the pimples on the face: acne on the forehead
several zones can be distinguished on the forehead, responsible for the work of the bodies:

  • Acne hairline reveal violations in the gallbladder
  • Acne in the center of the forehead indicate poor performance of the intestine.
  • Abundant rash on the forehead can also be caused by poor diet, drinking large amounts of fatty and sugary foods, as well as drugs and hormones. The upper part of the forehead is responsible for the large intestine, the lower part – for thin

Acne above the eyebrows say about the problems with the heart and the gut

Also on the forehead there are zones that are responsible for the work of the bladder

Acne on the forehead can indicate excessive slagging of the body, poor nutrition, constant stress.

  • With oily skin on the forehead should reconsider your diet to a more healthy, eat less sweet, flour, fried, fatty, smoked, salted-dried food, drink more water.
  • What do the pimples on the face: acne on the temples
  • Acne on the temples honking problems with the spleen and gall bladder
  • What do the pimples on the face: acne on the nose, between the eyebrows

Acne in the area between the eyebrows (on the nose) may indicate liver problems. It may be overloaded with alcohol, harmful fatty foods, medicines. As a result, bad purify the blood and cause pimples on the nose. Also, it may be a problem with the pancreas. Incidentally, the hidden emotions, such as anger, too, can go outside in the form of acne.

What do the pimples on the face: acne on the nose

Pimples on the nose called:

  • Problems with the pancreas and the stomach (the upper part in acne nose)
    the malfunction of the cardiovascular system (most spots on the tip of the nose).
  • The skin is suffering from poor circulation, which can cause rosacea and redness of the nose. Red nose may indicate arrhythmia, and red nose – an increased pressure. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, are more engaged in physical activity, eat foods with B vitamins
  • bronchi diseases (pimples and redness on the wings of the nose and nostrils)
  • What do the pimples on the face: acne around the eyes, under the eyes (above the cheekbone)
  • The most common acne around your eyes say about the problems with the kidneys and adrenal glands. Review your diet, less nervous, get plenty of rest and take care of the healthy sleep.

What do the pimples on the face: acne on the cheeks

  1. Acne is the top of the cheeks (under the line of cheekbones) indicate problems with the stomach. Try to eat properly separated, do not drink water during and after a meal, limit the use of fat and other junk food, and milk
  2. Acne on the cheeks in their middle and lower parts, as well as on the chest and the back between the shoulder blades may be caused by the malfunction of the lungs. The right cheek is responsible for the right lung and the left – left behind. Lung disease can be expressed in red spots, problems with capillaries.
  3. Chinese scientists believe that they arise when there is no joy, exercise, fresh air, as well as due to smoking. Heavy and unbalanced energy is accumulated and formed acne.
    Also, acne can often be found in these places during adolescence, as well as due to allergic reactions.
  4. Acne cheeks at the bottom (along the face) can be caused by diseases of the mouth, teeth and gums.

What do the pimples on the face: acne on the chin

Pimples on the chin, as well as unwanted hair in women can be caused by hormonal imbalances, high levels of male hormones (androgens). Another reason – problems and stagnation in the pelvic area. In women, it may be associated with gynecological and endocrine diseases in men – with the development of prostatitis. It should go to the gynecologist to check the ovaries and appendages to men – to the urologist. An endocrinologist to check hormones.
Also, acne on the chin may be caused by stress, lack of sleep, alcohol and coffee.

What do the pimples on the face: acne around the lips

Spots on the sides of the lips and shoulders may be caused by the digestive system problems, most of the colon. It may be accompanied by constipation, intestinal colic, stomach upset. Chinese scientists believe that such spots are more common in people vulnerable and sensitive, those who take everything to heart. It should limit alcohol, tea, coffee and junk food. Eat healthy food regularly, and less nervous.
Pimples on lips can give you a signal about the problems of the cardiovascular system.
Pimples on the corners of the mouth and the upper lip can be caused by problems with the duodenum, in the central part of the lower lip – the small intestine, in the lower lip at the edges – the large intestine.

What do spots on the neck

Acne on the neck may indicate problems in the endocrine and digestive system. Also they can be caused by colds or infectious diseases. Red spots and rashes on the neck may also be due to allergies.

What do the pimples on the face: Conclusions

Hopefully this article with acne card will help you to better understand your body. This does not mean that if one jumped pimple on your cheek, you should immediately run to check the lungs. Perhaps you simply do not clean the skin or soiled face with dirty hands. But if you are constantly emerging pimples on the same ground, and it accumulates in certain parts of the face, you should go to the doctor and check the status of the relevant organs of the body.

Write in the comments what you think about depending on the location of acne and diseases. Have you ever noticed such compliance? Did you decide after this article go to the doctor to check the work of some of your body, such as the intestine? Will you see to it that they say the pimples on your face?

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