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Why face is swelling?

Why face swelling and how to deal with the swelling?

  • Frequently asked questions, the answers to which many are looking for on the Internet. Eliminate infrequent swelling can be at home, but we should not forget that it can be a symptom of complex inflammatory processes within the body. Often swells the face in the morning is not just by drinking a liquid, and from the inability of the kidneys to process it. This is due to a violation of their work, and the more it can provoke and eat at night salty, spicy foods that retain fluid in the body.

Provoke the appearance of unpleasant effect can be banal lack of sleep, fatigue. No exception becomes swollen due to a cold, against the lowered immunity. Lack of vitamins and trace elements, poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle, even illiterate selection and use of cosmetics can appear on the face in the form of edema. When kidney disease hallmarks are swollen lower eyelids and slightly blurred oval face.

When serious violations of the complexion becomes visible on face?

However, filled with “bags” under the eyes are soft to the touch. In the strongest terms as it is impossible to exclude hormonal dysfunction, female sexual organs, endocrine system. Often, swelling of the face appears in the late toxicosis (gistoz). She can talk about the diseases of the cardiovascular system, thrombosis of the superior vena cava.

During the last violation edema have a slightly bluish. Often swelling due to allergic reactions occur on the outer irritant, side effects after taking certain medications. In allergic reactions, swelling may not subside at all, but on the face appear itchy rash.

  • A side effect of the medication acts angioedema, in which the characteristic swelling lips and eyes. This visible signs, accompanied by first cyanotic, and then pale skin. Hidden signs of marked swelling of the mucous membrane of the nasal sinuses and oral cavity. What should I do if the person swells? The result is that the person swells, causes, as it turned out quite different.
  • Therefore, the choice of treatment depends on the swelling determine the underlying cause. It can not be negligent of their health, as they are likely to pay a heavy price for it. To remove yourself small swelling should reduce the amount of salt consumed. It can not be ruled out altogether. When cooking food you must give up the hot spices. Sharp and salty foods provoke fluid retention. And you need to cut and fluid intake in the late evening. It is advisable to give up for the night raspivaniya alcoholic beverages. It is recommended to diversify their diet to include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Do not eat in the evening “watery” foods, such as watermelon. It is desirable, after consultation with a specialist poprinimat vitamin complexes. It will also be good, if you reduce the consumption of fizzy and sugary drinks, tea and coffee. Wicks liquid citrus fruits: lemons, oranges, tangerines. However, they should be alternated with sour varieties of apples, carrots. Fans of canned, smoked products, their use can be moved to an earlier time.

Accepted such products to 4-5 pm get rid of the ugly swelling on his face. By the adoption of diuretics should be approached with extreme caution. In some cases, they can only aggravate the situation. Therefore, they should be taken only after a visit to a doctor. For small and permanent edema excellent natural remedy is ginger, which can be added to drinks and for cooking. Well relieve swelling decoction of the roots of parsley. Has established itself infusion of dandelions.

For the preparation used a dry root, which is filled with boiling water (1 to 5). Take tincture should be in the morning after waking and at night before going to bed. Excellent results show potato mask. For this purpose boiled their shells. It is necessary to chop and add to the weight a bit of sour cream and dill. Quickly remove the swelling can use the pulp of cranberries, wipe the sick plots ice cubes, cooked with decoction. If the swelling began to appear regularly, increase in size in comparison with the last time, no longer take place at all, should immediately seek medical attention. Also, it should go to a specialist, if you provoke swelling shortness of breath, total body weight began to rise sharply, swelling appeared in other parts of the body affected, or after the appearance of the face to them, change color, there were pains in the heart and lungs.

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