Have you ever thought that your body can speak? There’s actually a whole vocabulary of signs, that have a certain meaning. Our body can help us to understand our well-being better. For example, particular external signs can point out a problem hidden from the eyes inside the body. What symptoms can reflect internal health problems, and what do they mean? Let’s figure it out.

Look at your face

Our largest organ, skin, is one of the best health indicators. Thus, abnormal color of the skin can be caused by an illness in the body. For instance, if you notice that your face skin got much lighter than your normal complexion, it can be a symptom of lung problems. Together with coughing, pale skin is a sure reason to go to a doctor. Red cheeks or redness on other face parts might be caused by heart disturbances. Brownish spots on cheekbones and nose can speak about deviations in the work of kidneys or bladder. If your face has greenish color, do not postpone taking medical tests to rule out such problems as stones in the gallbladder, liver cirrhosis, tumor development, etc.

Look at your eyes

A person’s eyes can say a lot. For instance, the whites of the eyes, that have yellow color, normally indicate liver disorders. Red eyes can be caused by hypertension or vascular pathology, as well as eye infections (like conjunctivitis). Swelling and eye bags signal kidney disorders or water imbalance in the body. Abnormal discharges in the corners of the eyes can be linked to metabolism disturbances.

Look at your lips

  • Pale lips are typical for people who suffer from bad blood circulation or anemia. Over-cooling and problems with heart or liver are characterized by blue lips. The lips of frequent smokers can also turn blueish with times.
  • Dry lips are associated with vitamins A and E deficiency, low-quality cosmetics, or significant temperature fluctuations. Moreover, dry and cracked lips can be connected to thyroid gland diseases or diabetes mellitus. If you have cracks in the mouth corners, you might be lacking vitamin B. Some infections can also cause mouth cracks.

As you may see, one symptom can be a result of various factors or diseases. If you experience any abnormal condition of your body, do not postpone a doctor’s check-up.

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