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Uterine fibroids

Health within you – a program of psychological methods of treatment of uterine fibroids

Throughout his life, many fall into a stressful situation, but the man makes vulnerable to disease not so much stress, much the way a person reacts to it.

Task 2-1.

Please rate the importance of the events that happened in your life a year before the occurrence of uterine fibroids.

It is not difficult to understand who and what significance attaches to certain events in his life. Much more difficult to understand this on his personal example. The loss of work, for example, may have a different meaning for human beings. It may refer to:

  1.  Defeat or a sign of failure.
  2.  Call.
  3.  The ability to start over.
  4.  Confirm that there is no justice in life.

Which of these values ​​give this or that person losing their jobs, will be determined by his other performances, such as:

  1.  If he sees an opportunity to find another job.
  2.  How a person perceives this work as a measure of self-worth.
  3.  Is he a master of his life.
  4.  His ability to create a new positive situation.

The principle used to determine the significance of the event, suitable for all the situations that usually stand out as the possible cause of the tumors. No matter how painful as these situations on their own – for example, the loss of a loved one or an important role, with which you identify themselves, – the magnitude of the stress, and especially the extent to which these events make you feel helpless and hopeless, dependent on the values, you attach to them.

Once you begin to scrutinize their existing views, limiting your responses as soon as giving yourself the opportunity to consider other possible interpretation of events and reactions to them, you have a real chance to change for an assessment of the value of certain situations and turn negative situations into positive ones. When opened and destroyed basic settings, block the normal course of life, she again begins to flow safely and smoothly, and with it, returns and vitality that restores the healthy functioning of the human natural protective mechanism.

It is important that the level of emotional stress caused by external events, depending on how a particular person interprets these events and experiencing. Everyone copes with stress in their own way. Sometimes the way to respond is to reduce the emotional impact of stress on the body, and sometimes – to strengthen it.

Good news – you’ve already found the answer to the question “How to cure uterine fibroids?”: Special nutritional or dietary supplements + work with the psychological content of the disease + exercise.

The bad news – it is necessary to make the most! Neglecting even one of the components of the formula of treatment of uterine fibroids, the result is reduced by half.

What you need to know about uterine fibroids?

  • Each of us contributes to the emergence of the disease through a combination of physical, intellectual and emotional factors. Did you eat unreasonable, neglected physical exercise or rest. Maybe you were too long in itself emotional stress, without attempting to relax. Perhaps you perform backbreaking workload, or tried to do what was necessary to others, completely forgetting about their own needs. Perhaps you were in the power of ideas and attitudes that hinder you from getting on the joy of life. In short, you are unable to recognize the limitations of their physical and emotional capabilities.
    To the extent that you neglect these legal requirements of your body, and you have contributed to the emergence of the disease. When the body and the soul does not get the opportunity to relax, unwind, take part in any physical activity, to express the accumulated feelings, even to see the meaning of life, the body can report it to the man with the help of the disease.
  • In a society that does not attach great importance to the feelings and emotional needs are often neglected, essential for human well-being, the disease can play an important role: it becomes a way to meet those needs in the event that a person could not find other, conscious ways to meet them.
  • Despite the fact that the disease is suffering and pain, it simultaneously solves some of the problems faced by man. The disease is a kind of “resolution” that gives a person the right to act the way he would never have dared to, whether it is healthy. Just imagine all the things that gets sick: the increased attention and care of others, the ability to not go to work, do not be the right wife, not to do something, it’s hard, reduction of duties, reduced its requirements, and more.

Since women are diagnosed with uterine fibroids often put their own interests and opinions of others above, it can be difficult to afford all these liberties just like that, without a serious reason. In this sense, the disease “cancel” many ideas that prevent a person to pay attention to their own emotional needs. And often, just ill, you feel that you have the right to withdraw with some responsibility and care for the first time to draw attention to himself, without feeling guilt or the need to justify their behavior.
But the person providing temporary respite, sickness at the same time is a trap for him.

It is important to understand what those needs that have to be satisfied with the help of the disease, are absolutely legitimate and justified. The body requires attention only available to him. Whether it’s the need to be loved, to receive enough attention from the loved ones, to be a high-level professional, most decide all questions of life, the need to get rid of feelings of guilt, the desire to be desired, or the need to learn to say “no” – all of these are ordinary human needs that must be met in order to maintain mental and physical health. From this viewpoint, even in the disease organism behaves structurally. The disease gives a person the ability to emotional growth.

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