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Treatment of allergic rhinitis

Nasal drops

The priority of allergic rhinitis – the elimination of exposure to the allergen identified. Without this, any treatment will only bring temporary relief rather weak.


Antihistamines (Suprastin, Zodak). Allergic rhinitis in adults usually involves the reception tablet form II-III generation that do not cause sedation. For kids preferred syrups. Top products: Zyrtec, Claritin, Aerius.

Important! Almost all antihistamines have age restrictions. Their method discussed with your doctor.

Leukotriene antagonists (Akolat) .Tabletki serve as an additional component of the treatment of sensitization.

Corticosteroids (dexamethasone). The tablets are used rarely because of side effects on the body. Admission is appropriate in the absence of other methods of treatment.

Enterosorbents (Enterosgel, Filtrum). Removes toxins (including allergens) from the body. Admission is limited to 2 weeks. Used in combination with other agents.

Topical treatment

Vasoconstrictive drops (Naphthyzinum). There are only symptomatic effects, reduce mucosal edema and vascular response. The effect develops quickly, but short. Treatment of allergic rhinitis in children is recommended without vasoconstrictor local media. Even a small overdose can cause the baby to stop breathing.

Barrier sprays (Prevalin, Nazaval) . Made protective film that prevents the allergen contact with the nasal mucosa receptors.

Nasal sprays with stabilizers of mast cell membranes (Kromoglin, Kromosol)
Effective for mild forms of allergic rhinitis, it is advisable to use in children and to prevention.

Corticosteroid drops / sprays (Fliksonaze, Nasonex). Showing only a severe form of allergic rhinitis. Be sure a doctor’s appointment.
Traditional methods

Lower total allergic mood – decoctions succession, chamomile (ingestion, lavage).
Ppromyvanie sinus weak brine.
Important! Effective domestic control methods with allergic rhinitis not. The above methods only facilitate the patient’s condition and will serve as a supplement to the basic treatment.

In order not to run the allergic process and does not suffer from chronic rhinitis, the first manifestation of sensitization is necessary to comprehensively treat the child. It is also advisable to reorganize the nasal cavity (moxibustion polyps) and pharynx (the removal of enlarged tonsils). Regular cleaning of the apartment, the frequent airing, wash soft toys (the best option -. 1 time per week), change of down / woolen bedding to sinteponovye and getting rid of carpet-bags will significantly reduce the chances of allergic rhinitis.

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