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Treatment for hypertension.


To successfully treat hypertension, you first need to find out why there is hypertensive disease. It is necessary to find the causes of increased pressure.

book Being healthy in our country. After all, to eliminate the cause of hypertension – this is already 90% to defeat it.

The problem is that doctors know almost nothing about the reasons for the increase in pressure. At best, they say something about age, or excess weight, and those that are smarter – about stress.

In medical textbooks and reference books about this, it is also written somehow strange:

“The causes of hypertension are known to us only in 10-20% of cases. For example, hypertension can be a consequence of diseases of internal organs. Such as pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, thyrotoxicosis, adrenal tumors, atherosclerosis, coarctation of the aorta, and some other diseases. ”

Wow! Causes of hypertension are known to us already in 10-20% of cases! And the remaining 80% of cases?

In the remaining 80% of cases – unknown. And the authors of medical textbooks and reference books in these cases come out of the situation very elegantly.

All these very numerous cases of hypertension are called essential hypertension.

Unclear? But it’s beautiful! I wrote “essential” – and do not write a trivial “I do not know”.

For reference. When in some medical book you get the term “essential”, “essential”, know – this term means “the cause of the disease is not known.” Or, more simply, “we doctors do not know why this disease occurs.”

“Well, how is it with you, dear author,” you ask me, “do you know what makes this very essential hypertension?”
Now is the time to modestly lower your eyes and say: yes, I know. And now I will share this knowledge with you. We drop the jocular tone and turn to the matter.

Causes of essential hypertension:

The cause of essential hypertension number 1. Excess intake of salt.
We must understand that modern man eats salt much more than our ancestors 200-300 years ago. Then the salt was expensive, and it was in short supply. Then even there were “salt riots” – a concept that is now completely forgotten by us.

Now the industrial extraction of salt has become so effective that we can no longer remember the lack of salt.

But as a result, we began to eat salt much more than necessary. And this led to a sharp increase in the number of hypertensive patients. After all, salt hinders the work of the kidneys and delays water in the body, causes swelling and increases blood pressure. Passionate love for everything solenenku guaranteed to lead to hypertension!

And if you are a salty lover, you need to know that you can not reduce the increased pressure without reducing the amount of salt eaten. Unfortunately.

After all, even if you squeeze out high pressure tablets, but continue to eat salty in large quantities, your victory over pressure will be Pyrrhic – the dose of tablets will soon have to be increased, and the pressure will still gradually increase.

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