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Traditional recipes

Traditional recipes – easy to forget about the cold

It seems only yesterday you were cheerful and full of energy, and waking up. … Found a nasty head cold, and irritated throat. Familiar? Again, pharmacy, crazy prices and the long process of recovery. Simply put: the fall itself should be zealously protected from any colds, but if it is already happened, then the following recipes infusions of traditional medicine will be able to help a speedy recovery and in combination, as a nice bonus, a good idea to save the family budget.

  • Please note that the dishes, which you are preparing the infusion should be of a material such as clay, glass, or stainless steel. Making the drug in large quantities is not worth it, better a couple of days to make a new – fresh. Accepted infusions into the only form of heat. Preheat should not be! Only dilute with hot water. Keep no longer than two days. Important: funds should insist in a pot wrapped in something, so that it retains heat longer. Start cutting infusions should not be consumed. It is necessary to give the body to get used to the new means of treatment. The recipes below are shown with the dosage for an adult human. Kids can be taken from the age of four, reducing the dose.

Traditional recipes – easy to forget about the cold

Now the recipes themselves:

  1.  In order to save yourself from simple throat and remove molasses, you can resort to a prescription from the pharmacy Althea. To prepare you will need 20 grams of hibiscus flowers (also leaves quite amiss) and half a liter of water. It should be boiled for five minutes, leave to rest for a couple of hours (cover), and then strain the liquid. By this means gargle as needed.
  2.  When angina relieve pain and reduce inflammation apple cider vinegar will help. The recipe is very simple: in a glass of boiled water, one tablespoon of vinegar. Gargle should be no more than four times a day. Just follow the proportions and do not use ordinary vinegar instead of cider!
  3.  to protect the body from colds and strengthen the immune system will help you pink cornflower. It should be one teaspoon of its flowers pour half a liter of boiling water. Then we insist and filter. All panacea ready! To get rid of the symptoms of angina is necessary to drink a little bit of each hour, but during cold (but better as prevention) can be replaced by this infusion tea. It is better to add to the infusion of honey or sugar, because knapweed – a bitter gourd and get the child to drink it pure, without any additives, the infusion is almost impossible. And why? The secret: if the infusion to take for several months, the child will get rid of angina.
  4.  Cough very effective folk remedy considered birch juice. To prepare the infusion of birch juice to mix and milk 1: 1 in the form of heat (milk bring to boil and cool). Drinking throughout the day (a total of 300 ml per day), slowly. You can infuse for about an hour, but this is not mandatory. If you have to carry out the treatment of adenoids, it is best not to rely on folk remedies, and should seek medical attention.
  5.  Kalanchoe – a great plant. Kalanchoe juice can help with bad sore throat and a runny nose! If you have a sore throat, it should be mixed with warm boiled water (1 to 1) and rinse a sore throat every couple of hours. Just juice bury his nose three to five times a day (at least needs). Adults take three drops, and the children one by one
  6.  The juice of black turnip should drink as necessary (to relieve dry cough, for example) up to five times a day. Turnip is effective for coughs, bronchitis and other diseases. In turnips can and should add honey – it will improve the effect.

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