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The treatment of seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp

Lady worried about itching dandruff on the head. No unpleasant to see on their shoulders dandruff and hair as white flakes exfoliated epidermis of the skin (seborrheic dermatitis or seborrhea), which can cause severe itching of the scalp, causing a strong desire to once and for all get rid of dandruff.

However, dandruff is a problem not only aesthetic – it may well lead to a deterioration in the condition of hair, and even to their total loss. Therefore, the appearance of seborrheic dermatitis should be treated seriously.

The causes of dandruff on the head

  • According to medical scientists, the main causes dandruff – the so-called seborrheic fungus that is living in the scalp over the years, sometimes behaves calmly, and sometimes, under the influence of certain factors, begins to show activity, leading to increased formation of seborrheic scales, ie dandruff.
  • Seborrheic fungus can intensify under the influence of unfavorable external factors (unsuitable shampoo, perm, improper hair care), and under the influence of health problems (hormonal failure, digestive diseases, metabolic disorders).
  • Very often, the appearance of seborrhea scalp is preceded by severe stress, chronic fatigue, failures in the power supply, long-term use of certain medications, past illnesses.
  • Severe dandruff is usually accompanied by a breach of the skin and sebaceous excretions is of two types – dry and oily.
  • When dry dandruff hair gradually become faded, dry, brittle, lose their luster, heavily flogged and oily dandruff hair shiny, quickly become greasy, require frequent washing.
  • Oily seborrhea scalp often leads to the emergence and development of inflammatory processes in the skin and, as a consequence, to a progressive hair loss. Therefore dandruff definitely need to fight, and we can quite do it at home!

How to treat dandruff (seborrhea)?

Identify reasons

First of all, you need to identify and treat basic health problems, provoking dandruff. If seborrheic dermatitis is a consequence of, for example, serious problems with the intestines, no shampoo for dandruff and care products for the hair does not help to significantly improve the hair and scalp condition, until it is put in order the intestine.

Strengthening general immunity

As a rule, seborrhea frequent exacerbations seen in people with lowered immunity. Strengthen the immune system is possible by means of special diets designed to cleanse the body of toxins, tempering procedures, manual therapy, sports.

Drinking plenty of fluids

Lack of water in the body affects many of the processes occurring in it, including the appearance of seborrhea of ​​the scalp. Drinking plenty of fluids will help get rid of dandruff dry type. Since the water protects the hair covering the skin from dehydration and dryness.

Rinse hair decoction of herbs

By folk remedies for dandruff are herbs that have anti-inflammatory properties and have been successfully used for the treatment of seborrhea at home. Very good effect on the condition of the scalp and hair nettle, hop cones, calamus root, chamomile flowers, thyme.

The use of nutritional oils

If you regularly, at least once a week, lubricate the scalp nourishing oils – castor, burdock, buckthorn, – it helps improve metabolism in the hair follicles, preventing breakage and hair loss and remove dandruff.

Good hygiene of scalp and hair

The opinion that frequent shampooing can further strengthen seborrheic dermatitis – very mistaken! Of course, wash your hair every day is not recommended, as it can lead to overdrying scalp and hair. But at least once every three days, especially if the dandruff is caused by oily seborrhea, wash your hair is not only possible but also necessary, as the oily and greasy skin fetal lung secondary infection.

Following the proper diet

To cure seborrhea and not to provoke its reappearance and reinforcement, it is desirable to limit the consumption of sweet, salty, spicy and too greasy food. It is necessary to enrich the diet with vegetables, fruits, juices, dairy products and meat.

The use of special means of dandruff

The effects of most anti-dandruff shampoos is aimed only at achieving external effect and has no relation to the treatment of the causes of dandruff – seborrheic fungus. Therefore, to get rid of dandruff if not forever, then at least for a long time, need to be treated with special means, it is intended to combat seborrheic fungus. There in pharmacies there are many: shampoos, ointments, creams, balms. Choose a good, effective means to combat seborrhea can help an experienced dermatologist.

Pasta and shampoo for oily dandruff

Due to the content of iron disulfide and other useful additives, paste “Soultz”, with regular use, successfully combats seborrheic dermatitis and helps normalize the function of adipose secretion of the scalp. Buy toothpaste and shampoo “Soultz” can be at the pharmacy.

Shampoo with Zinc for dry dandruff

Due to the content of zinc pyrithione provides strong action against dandruff. It does not contain in its composition artificial colors or preservatives. Shampoo not only helps prevent dandruff, but also eliminates allergy, manifested as itching and irritation of the scalp. Also the shampoo with zinc can be used in the treatment of atopic dermatitis and tinea versicolor.


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