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Symptoms of urethritis

The first symptoms of urethritis is stinging, itching, pain, burning sensation when urinating. These unpleasant sensations can be deployed in different areas of the genitourinary system man, from the head of the penis and perineum ending, but they certainly are closely connected with the release of urine from the urethra. Another important sign of inflammation of the urethra is the appearance of secretions from it. Below we take a look at what exactly can be isolated from male reproductive system:

  1.  Sperm
  2.  Urine
  3.  Grease, which normally should be produced by special glands and released only under strong sexual arousal.
  4.  Blood, which is released from the urethra only in a critical situation, such as trauma of the penis, development of erosive urethritis, severe kidney stones, in which a large stone can injure facing wall of the urethra. Bloody discharge from the urethra are called urethrorrhagia and require urgent medical attention.
  5. The representatives of the stronger sex, suffering from prostatitis kognestivnym after copulation or defecation can be released from the urethra prostate secretion. The same goes for urethritis.
  6. Spin not suitable under any of the above descriptions. In this case, we are talking about the specific discharge from the urethra, is a sign of urethritis.
    Milestones urethritis
  • Typically, urethritis, was transformed into a chronic stage, divided into two periods of remission and exacerbation, in which at times manifested obvious signs of the disease. At the same time acute pain, isolation and other symptoms can deliver mild anxiety, but rather the probability of a situation in which the discomfort is a serious concern in men. As for the remission, in this period the symptoms or else non-existent, or the picture blurred, and they appear not as bright as at the time of relapse.
  • Unfortunately, every next exacerbation of inflammation of the urethra leads to infection still large areas of healthy tissue and the disease progresses. Thus each subsequent exacerbation of symptoms are more pronounced than in the previous and sooner or later a man runs the risk of a particular complication.

Complications during urethritis:

  • Moving up the urethra, inflammation of the mucous membrane can achieve predstaty, organs located in the scrotum and bladder. It turns out that diseases such as cystitis, orchitis, prostatitis, epididymitis can safely assume that the complications of chronic urethritis. If chronic inflammation of the urethra proceeding delayed, treatment is not complete, the mass is conducted medical procedures on the urethra (catheter placement, ureteroscopy), in this case, it may develop as a complication of unpleasant as striktula, ie narrowing of the urethra. The main symptom is the appearance striktuly reduce pressure jet of urine when urinating. In severe cases, this complication requires an operation.
  • One of the complications is the inflammation of the urethra colliculitis, ie develop inflammation seed tubercle, which is located in the urethra and is a place in which there is an emission of semen from the seminal vesicles. Around this point there is a well-developed network of microscopic capillaries and nerve nodes. If it becomes inflamed, symptoms of urethritis is much worse – the pain becomes tolerable hard, and sometimes radiating into the scrotum, abdomen, perineum. If colliculitis strongly pronounced man can complain about the appearance of pain in almost any point below the navel and above the knees.

Diagnosis of the disease:

  • A doctor suspected of having an inflammation of the urethra of the patient, must first identify the pathogen that caused the appearance of such an unpleasant disease. We have already mentioned that it can be both STDs and bacteria belonging to the pathogenic microflora. For this reason a man with suspected urethritis should first of all be tested for all infections.
  • The second step is to check, by which doctor will be able to identify potential complications of urethritis. To do this, we study the bladder, prostate and organs located in the scrotum. Once the inspection is made and all the results handed over earlier tests, you can proceed to treatment.

Therapy of urethritis:

  • Treating inflammation of the urethra in men is divided into two stages. So, the first thing the doctor prescribes drugs to combat infection, and only then proceed to the restoration of local immunity wall of the urethra. Thus, at this stage of treatment the doctor prescribes antibiotics to the patient. It should be remembered that the medications with which conducted antibacterial therapy should be chosen based on the test results. In combination with commonly prescribed antibiotics and a variety of medications aimed at maintaining the internal organs and protect them from the adverse effects of antibacterial substances, as well as vitamin complexes and immunomodulators. Suction antibiotics accelerates and taking certain enzymes which simultaneously serve as inflammation and prevention of prostate cancer.
  • In the treatment of inflammation of the urethra specialists in many hospitals spend installation of the urethra. We are talking about what medications using a special catheter is inserted directly into the urethra. Usually men have the opportunity to perform this procedure yourself. Such an approach on the one hand makes it easy to quickly kill most of the pathogens, and on the other – to restore the protective function of the walls of the urethra. At the same time the use of this procedure is also justified in the treatment of STDs, requiring one hundred percent elimination of pathogens. Installation of the urethra and produce in the case where the use of broad spectrum antibiotics is not possible due to, for example, microbial resistance, or the presence of a man allergy to certain types of medications.

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