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Swelling on the cheeks under the eyes

REASONS FOR OCCURRENCE swelling on the cheeks under the eyes

Among the problems with the appearance of swelling on the cheeks under the eyes, the causes of which are not linked to improper care, have an important place. Age for women has always been a sensitive topic for conversation. Since coming to the fore over time various skin problems. One of these vexing problems – a painting bags under the eyes. As a result, they appear the woman’s face does not look young and fresh.

  • Blepharoplasty of the lower eyelid
  • From what appeared bags under the eyes
  • There was a swelling under the eye

Swelling on the cheeks are well-rounded folds of skin, which contains fat tissue. Paint bag is characterized by a clear lower boundary, which has a semi-circular shape of the connective tissue jumper. This bridge divides the defect gap and keeps the fatty tissue from slipping.

As long as there is a large volume of the cheeks, the furrow is released gradually. Under his weight lost skin tone and gradually cloth hangs over the bunch. Especially women care about 2 aspects:

  • Fat, which is in a static state, gradually swells, becomes inflamed and turns blue;
    furrow deepens further and deeper.
  • Painting bags under the eyes and on the cheeks have a negative impact on the appearance of a woman’s face becomes sad and dull, the former beauty fades.

2. The reasons of occurrence of swelling

  • Very often you can hear that the reason for the appearance of bags painting is in poor care for the person. Like, you need to use good expensive creams to massage, and everything goes. But it is not so. The phenomenon of painting bags can appear in childhood. They are similar to the bags under the eyes, which appear due to different diseases c. Swelling on the cheeks different from ordinary bags under the eyes that are the anatomical feature of a particular person belongs to a cosmetic problem.

Painting bags can be due to hereditary predisposition. Another possible cause of this unpleasant phenomenon – the gravitational ptosis of the soft tissues of the face. Swelling characterized by clearly defined border. Its lower part concerns nososkulovoy furrow. This contributes to the fact that adipose tissue does not slip down.

  • Another potential reason why there are painting bags, stands age. As a young person has an elastic skin and a large amount of adipose tissue, which is located in the cheeks. Such unpleasant feature as painting bags are not too noticeable. With age, the skin becomes decrepit appearance and droops, gradually shifting the adipose tissue. Consequently, in the jaw increases the amount of fat between the eyelid and cheek there clearly defined boundaries.

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