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Skin Health

How to keep healthy and youthful skin?

The skin, as you know, is a complex organ, whick main task – is to protect the human body from the negative impact of various external factors. For this reason, it is the skin requires special attention. She always lends itself to an aggressive attack from the outside, but we did not feel able to.

Each of us, of course, reflects on the skin in terms of beauty and aesthetics, but we can not forget about her health, especially since the two are practically inseparable objectives – to maintain skin health and beauty. Therefore it is necessary to understand not only how to make the skin beautiful, but also why it is aging and how to prevent or at least slow down the process.

The main causes of skin aging:

A large number of external factors affect our daily skin. But there are some of them that greatly accelerate the aging process. These include:

1. Ultraviolet radiation, which causes the so-called photo-aging.

That is the root cause of photoaging javjaletsja premature aging of the skin in 80% of cases. Deep wrinkles, dryness and sagging skin, age spots and loss of elasticity – this is what can make ultraviolet light, accelerating the aging process in general.

2. Violation of water-salt balance.

These modern studies say that human skin is 70% water, so there is a need to constantly moisturize. This allows you to keep the water-salt balance and as a result, the normal functioning of skin cells. It should be understood that not only excessive drinking can compensate for lack of moisture. It is necessary to use special moisturizers that are matched on an individual basis. Dehydration of the skin leads to the appearance of striae and wrinkles, skin peeling and there is a feeling her contractions.

3. Stress – a modern “enemy” of humanity, which has a negative impact on the general state of the organism.

All kinds of disorders of the nervous system leads to the fact that the skin loses its natural color (turns dark gray), dark under the eyes appear bright expressed circles, wrinkles become more and they appear stronger. Minor wounds on the skin heal longer than usual when the body is under stress.

4. A large amount of toxins.

Toxins feature is that their accumulation occurs gradually. They may be medications, poor-quality food, in chlorinated water, etc. When the body accumulates large amounts of toxins, the skin gradually ceases to perform its main function – protecting. It loses its elasticity and firmness.

5. Smoking and drinking alcohol.

Under the influence of bad habits (such as smoking and alcohol consumption) decreased skin turgor. The reason is that the vessels become brittle and, as a result, there is an infringement in the nutrition of the skin and saturating it with oxygen. Skin becomes flabby and sagging, dominated by gray color and can appear swelling with redness.

6. Malnutrition.

The quality and quantity of food depends not only on the health of the skin, but also the health of the whole body. The lack or surplus of vitamins and minerals also accelerate the aging process of the skin and affect its appearance.

7. Excess weight, or rather its retention in normal.

Weight change threatens that the skin will stretch and shrink, leading to a loss of elasticity and firmness. When weight gain stretch marks appear on the skin – it is a kind of skin tears, which also have a negative impact on its protective function and, of course, the appearance.

We have listed the seven major causes of skin aging, but it is impossible not to mention factors such as pollution of the environment, hormonal changes and age, as well as allergens and other irritating skin material, which is also taking a toll on the skin, but less amenable to control.

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