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Short frenulum foreskin

   Short frenulum foreskin – a condition in which the vertical crease that connects the penis and the foreskin is too short and non-plastic. short uzdechkaChasche just short frenulum foreskin is innate, but can sometimes occur due to injury to the head or skin folds, in which she hides.

   Unfortunately, such a deviation can recognize only when the boy enters adolescence. That is why it is so important to talk to teenagers about the dangers and show them in a timely manner the doctor.

  • What threatens man short frenulum of the prepuce
  • This anomaly, if not treated in time, can lead to very unpleasant consequences:
  • When the voltage of the penis causing severe pain.

Since the head is not completely naked, in the bag quickly accumulates spegma – Secret secreted foreskin. If hygiene spending carelessly and time does not remove the secret, severe inflammation can occur.

When masturbation or sexual acts short frenulum may overstrain and cause bleeding. The wound in the first place, the infection can get, and, secondly, on the site of strain produced an ugly, painful scar, which further exacerbates the situation.

At the time not corrected short frenulum foreskin may interfere with sexual intercourse, causing almost instantaneous ejaculation.

Sometimes it becomes a cause of complete or partial impotence.

How is short frenulum of the prepuce?

Short frenulum of the penis frenulum shortened Today is not a serious medical problem. Men suffering from this disease, it is recommended to do a small operation called frenotomy. This manipulation is thoroughly worked out by surgeons. It takes less than half an hour, virtually painless and does not cause severe postoperative consequences. In most cases, the patient can immediately go to work: even dressing it is not required.

   How is held frenutomiya?

  • The patient is assigned to the day of surgery. No training is required. The patient only has to spend more carefully laid hygiene.
  • The doctor puts the patient handles the operation area with a disinfectant solution.
  • The patient is administered anesthesia. This is usually a local anesthetic, although children may use general anesthesia.
  • The doctor cuts the transverse skin fold (bridle), it is sutured along or removes a portion of the scar, if necessary. A few days later on the incision site will begin to form soft sensitive scar and bridle lengthened.

After surgery, the doctor treats the wound, and if necessary (rare) places for a few hours a bandage.

Plastic frenulum foreskin today held as the conventional surgical instruments, and special radio wave devices (knives). Using these radionozhey minimizes the risk of complications. Incision knife so produced, does not affect or destroy surrounding tissues, hence, does not cause bleeding. Radio waves are further sterilized incision. Completely eliminates the occurrence of bleeding.

The operation to correct short frenulum foreskin held. What’s next?

Immediately after surgery, the patient can lead a normal life. For a time he would have to lubricate the place dissection ointment prescribed by the doctor. After two weeks should see a doctor to ensure successful outcome. Before the healing incision should refrain from sex life. No further action from the men of the past frenotomy not required.

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