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Safe organism cleaning

Cleansing the body reduces the biological age and risk of tumors, restores all body systems. On our site you will find accurate information, why it is necessary cleansing of the body and how to safely cleanse the body!

Ben Weisword (his research attracted the attention of major medical scientists from around the world) said that it is impossible to live your life in a protective shell, one is constantly exposed to toxic chemicals and radiation. Cells, like the furnace, need regular procleaning; are formed in the combustion of waste fats and glucose accumulates with time, and if there is no purification of vital biological processes of the body will sooner or later fail, and ultimately lead to cell mutation and tumor formation.

It is scientifically proven that the effects of toxins on the body contributes to a disease such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, they destroy the immune system.

WHY need to clean the organism?

  • Often tired, headache, joints, nausea, reduced immunity, but you do not have any disease, do not be surprised! Our body is daily fighting with hundreds of toxins (toxin – a poisonous substance). This is an additional load on the body and it must somehow manifest.
  • Symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, headaches or migraines, allergies, digestive problems, flatulence, constant colds, stuffy nose, with a touch of tongue, bloodshot eyes are a signal that in our body that something is wrong.
  • Although our body has a cleansing mechanism – displays toxins from the body while breathing with the help of urine, feces and sweat, but as people in the past two centuries have radically changed the living environment and lifestyle, our body is not able to bring such a large amount of toxins, which arrive on a daily basis!
  • Studies show that the umbilical cord in newborns, children are born with 300 kinds of toxins that are received by the mother during pregnancy.
  • Toxins are attacking our psyche and can suddenly change it.
  • Due to the Industrial Revolution around us every day a lot of toxins to which our bodies can not cope on their own.

Why not all toxins are harmful?

  • Of the body itself generates, for example, in stress. Toxins are “registered” in the intestine and the parasite and the toxin can not be separated from each other.
  • Our body absorbs a large amount of chemicals, and they in turn cause chronic disease.
  • The toxins break down our health. They destroy cells, and as a result – genetic disorders and cancer, reduce the body’s immune system, so the body is not as resistant to infections. They accelerate the aging process, destroy the collagen in the skin, which leads to premature wrinkles and skin elasticity is lost.

Take the test: “HOW THE BODY clogged with toxins,” and you will know whether there is a toxic load on the body.

Toxins – where they hide?

  • Toxins and chemicals can be found in food, cosmetics, water, air, clothing, medicine in general everywhere. Toxic substances in the barbecue, roasted meat, plastic products, furniture …
  • The water we drink tap water contains chlorine compounds. Teas, vitamins, vegetables and fruits, the interaction of the drug with chlorinated water change their properties >>>
  • Our food contains dyes, preservatives, carcinogens, flavors.
  • Vegetables and fruits contain pesticides in finished products and all E’s in beautiful packages containing chemistry.
  • The medicines chemical fillers, heavy metals and toxic substances.
  • Cleaning products belong to one of the most poisonous substances with which we are confronted on a daily basis, and that enter the body through the skin and lungs.
  • Furniture treated building materials, alcohol, cigarette smoke all this extra toxic load to our body.
  • The air is filled with toxic automotive and factory emissions. We breathe heavy metals, carbon monoxide, “periodic table”.
  • Parasites. In the process of vital activity of parasites in the body appear even more toxins.
  • Perfume and beauty products that we use all the time, full of toxic substances are absorbed by our lungs and skin.
  • Stress is harmful for our body, it violates the natural processes of cleansing the liver from toxins.

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