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Rosacea (or pink acne, rosacea) – a chronic, inflammatory, non-infectious skin disease entity that occurs mainly in middle-aged people. There is a persistent redness, spider veins, knots and pink spots on the cheeks, in the nose, chin, forehead and so on. E. Redness may come and reappear when moving from one place to another.

Description Rosacea disease – an inflammatory disease, but the non-communicable diseases outbreaks appear similar to acne. It is accompanied by itching, soreness, burning, can pass on the eyelids and eyes. This disease is the most unpleasant form of acne. At first the redness appears.

  • It may be accompanied by a sensation of heat flow or heat. Then it disappears for a short time. Further on-site redness, spider veins are formed, infiltration. Redness is more saturated, there is a bluish tint. It can spread to the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin parts. Later appear pink and rosacea, the top covered with scales. Acne then begin to fester. With the central part of the face cover BTE lesion area on the forehead above, in the front surface. The pathological process, progressing, leads to infiltration, inflammation sites due to hyperplasia of the sebaceous glands, and connective tissue.

Perhaps the development of rhinophyma, but only in men. It becomes asymmetrical shape of the nose, over the stagnant bluish redness clearly visible spider veins. Back to contents Causes of Alcohol abuse can become a cause of disease The exact cause of this disease is not yet known. In the pathogenesis of a leading role for vascular disorders, pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system dysfunction, psychosomatic disorders, and immune and endocrine factors of a number. Such basic factors such as excessive use of spices, alcohol, particularly hot beverages, stimulate gastric mucosa, causing dilation of blood vessels face by reflex action.

  • It is believed that one reason for the formation of rhinophyma is the excessive consumption of meat. Some scientists believe that the abuse of cola, coffee and tea pathogenesis associated with rosacea, although as a result of thorough research found that water at a temperature above 60 ° C, causing a rush of blood to the skin of the face, regardless of whether there is in her coffee. One of the factors that enhance the development of rosacea, – a large number of secret porphins sebaceous glands in the skin.

This, combined with other factors, causes a photodynamic damage skin cells. One of the most common causes of this disease are ticks of the genus Demodex folliculorum. This Representatives physiological microflora of the skin, and the settlement of follicles increases significantly with age. But they are found not in all patients. Some medications can also trigger the development of rosacea.

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