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Removal of the nail plate

Here is a number of medical indications for the removal of the nail plate. The most common reasons for which there is a need for such a procedure are:

  • ingrown nail (on the feet)
  • fungus nail plate
  • felon (in her arms)

Fungal infection of the nail plate is capable of hitting deep enough. In this case, the nail loses its normal color, turn yellow, thinner. In some cases, it may start to crumble. If the fungus to join other bacterial infections, the entire nail may become inflamed, the nail shaft in the area of ​​abscess can develop – and then require removal of the nail plate.

When panaritiums may occur outpouring of pus from the nail fold under the nail. In order to stop the process and not allow the nail to penetrate deep into the tissue can also be assigned to a surgical procedure.

  • The most common nail disorders, with which patients come to the surgeons is the ingrown nail. This is a widespread problem, which is expressed in the fact that the nail plate grows into the nail fold. Most often this trouble happens to the big toe.
  • It starts with a disease that a person begins to experience pain in the big toe while walking. This pain is enhanced if the shoes tight and rigid. Then begins an inflammatory process, which are the outward signs of redness, swelling. Lack of timely treatment will lead to the development of suppuration, in which pus will be allocated from under the nail. In some cases it is even possible bleeding.
  • At this stage, many patients decide to deal with the problem on their own – and cause themselves even more damage. Usually they’re just trying to take the scissors and cut the edges “at the root” of the nail, in the hope that it will bring relief. As a result, additional infection gets into the inflammatory focus, and the situation is only getting worse.
  • Complications of the self can be overgrowth of inflamed tissue, purulent inflammation of the phalanx bones and even gangrene. In the most severe cases, the finger can not be saved.

Causes of ingrown nail:

Why grows the nail? Is there a prevention against this problem?

Here are the most common causes that provoke ingrown nail:

Wrong independent pedicure. Often, people cut the nails too deep and wrong.

Heredity. Hereditary factor is some physiological characteristics of the individual – for example, in an excessive growth of the soft tissues around the nail plate.

Incorrectly matched shoes – too narrow and tight, not size. Compounding the problem of wearing tight shoes with high heels.

  1. flatfoot
  2. Injuries, mechanical damage
  3. Fungal infection
  4. prevention

The best prevention is to wear comfortable shoes appropriate size. We can not risk the health for the sake of dubious beauty. It is necessary to cut the nails properly. You can consult a dermatologist, he will assign the existing therapies against fungal diseases.

When the ingrown nail worried too much, it can be assigned to the removal of the nail plate.

In modern hospitals use two techniques – traditional surgery with a scalpel; advanced and modern – with a laser. The laser method is less traumatic, and laser therapy results are usually very good.

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