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Questions about our head skin health

Detailed view of our scalp skin:

  1. Do you have hair loss?
  2. Is your scalp too dry or greasy?
  3. Do you suffer from dandruff?
  4. Does it tense or itch your scalp?
  5. Is it sensitive?
  6. Are your hair brittle or brittle?
  7. Do you feel your hair as too fine?
  8. Do you have styling or finish problems?

If you answer “yes” to at least one of these questions, you should pay particular attention to this page.

An optimal working scalp is the
A and O for beautiful, shiny hair.

Hair color analysis – head skin check

Using these unique indicators, which are patented by labiosthetIque, we can make you aware of the current state of your scalp. The scalp check is an important component for optimal scalp diagnosis and consultation. The pH value of the acid protective mantle, the sebum production (fat content), the quantity of the scalp particles (dandruff) and the sweat gland production are measured. Of course, this scalp check is free for you.

Causes of dry scalp:

  • Sebaceous glands hypofunction
  • Disturbed hydrolipid film
  • Weak blood flow
  • Wash frequently hair
  • genetically conditioned
  • UV radiation
  • stress
  • Wrong care

METHOD VITALISANTE quickly gets to grips with the drought problem and eliminates the causes:

The care concept tailored exactly to the needs of dry scalp and dry hair ensures the best results through the positive interaction of individually combined high performance products.

Normalization of the scalp milieu
Vitalization of the scalp function
Optimization of sebaceous gland function
Maintains the healthy balance of scalp and hair
In the center of METHODE VITALISANTE stands the Complex Vitalisant.
The active ingredient complex created by LA BIOSTHETIQUE has been shown to activate inactive sebaceous glands so that sebum production is increased by up to 68%.

Causes of dandruff formation

  • Disturbed scalp milieu
  • Weakened defenses
  • Qualitative and quantitative microbial flora changes
  • Violent defense against microbes
  • Increased cell division
  • Irregular scaling
  • Daily washing hair
  • Aggressive cleaning
  • Stress response

Method anti-pellicle stimulant program against dandruff
Science is today the cause of the formation of dandruff – this is answered by the hair care research of the Laboratoire Biosthetique with a synergetic concept for the individual scalp treatment of different varicose veins.
Method Anti-Pelliculaire systematically and purposefully combats the causes of the scalp due to scientifically based active principles.

  • Strengthening the defenses
  • Regeneration of cell division
  • Relieving the itching
  • Relief of irritation
  • Normalization of the acid protection jacket
  • antiseptic
  • anti-microbial
  • Soothes nervous overreaction of highly-sensitive, stressed scalp

Causes of moist scalp:

  • Sweat glands hyperfunction
  • Strong blood flow
  • stress
  • Wrong care
  • hormonal imbalances
  • illness
  • Climate in summer
  • Sports
  • Method Normalisante Hydrotoxa for excessive sweat production

La Biosthetique Complex Hydrotoxa is specially designed for the damp scalp. It has been shown to improve the condition of the scalp, where the hair suffers qualitatively from excessive sweat production.
Complex Hydrotoxa restores the normal metabolism, reduces the negative effects of perspiration and increases the energy level of the cells.
Normalization of welding production
Relief of itching
Elimination of irritation and dandruff
Isolation of aggressive lactic acid bacteria

Causes sensitive and sensitive scalp:

  1. climate
  2. Wrong care
  3. Stress – tensions
  4. metabolism
  5. Chemical treatments
  6. drugs
  7. vitamin deficiency
  8. protein deficiency
  9. Mineral deficiencies
  10. lack of sleep
  11. Diseases

Method SENSITIVE – Synergy care for sensitive scalp and sensitive hair.
The care concept, which is precisely adapted to the needs of sensitive scalp and sensitive hair, ensures the best results through the positive interaction of individually combined high-performance products.

Method SENSITIVE gets the problems of the irritated scalp quickly under control:
Optimal scalp relaxation and strengthening the natural defenses
Intensive calming of the scalp

Counteract the electrical charging of the hair

Complex Sensitive stimulates nerves, relieves existing irritations, reddenes and promotes the healing of highly irritated scalp regions. Complex Sensitive has a decaying and local anti-inflammatory effect. The scalp becomes increasingly resistant to new irritation. This also optimizes the growth conditions for the hair.

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