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Problems with a gallbladder

Pain in the abdomen on the right

The gallbladder – a small bag, which collects bile. At each meal the bile is released into the intestines and chops, emulsifies fats, preparing them for digestion. To the gallbladder stones worked fine and it was formed, it should be reduced and throw its contents about five times a day. To do this, a person should eat at least five times a day.

  • If a person eats once a day, the gallbladder does not contract, bile stagnates in it, thickens and turns into stones. During the meal, when the bubble finally reduced the stone may get stuck in the duct of the gallbladder and cause severe pain. This bile is bursting bubble from the inside, and it can burst. If this happens, a person begins bile peritonitis – the most severe and life-threatening complications of gallstone disease.

In addition, gallstones cause pancreatitis – inflammation of the pancreas. The fact that the rate of the gallbladder and pancreas share a common duct, so when formed in the gallbladder stones, bile is thrown into the pancreas, causing her and inflammation.

  • But the situation is even worse when the stone gets stuck in the total duct from the pancreas. Then in the pancreas there is a huge stress, there is no outflow, the pancreas swells and bursts. Pancreatic enzymes fall out and begin to digest all that is caught on the way. This is a severe complication of gallstone disease called pancreatic necrosis.

Pain in the abdomen on the right – it is an occasion to go to the doctor, examined and remove the gallbladder with stones. Ultrasound examination should be done every six months. Physicians are advised to remove the gallbladder with stones, even if the patient does not feel pain. Modern surgery to remove the gallbladder done without a scalpel and cuts, lasting only 30 minutes.

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