Pregnancy, birth and postnatal period

Pregnancy and consequent childbirth are the most important periods in the life of many women. During this time, the woman undergoes a lot of changes in her body, both physical and psycho-emotional. It is highly essential for a pregnant woman to be able to adequately understand her condition, as well as to get ready for the upcoming motherhood properly.

How to understand that you are pregnant?

Modern medical experts divide pregnancy signs into two groups:

  • Potential: fatigue, nausea, vomiting, increased appetite, face and nipples hyperpigmentation, frequent urination;
  • Reliable: positive results of pregnancy tests based on urine or blood analysis.

Preparation to the maternity normally starts way before the pregnancy. To provide good health of the baby the woman herself has to lead a healthy lifestyle. This includes proper nutrition rich in useful elements, sufficient physical activity, quitting bad habits, timely treatment of any diseases. After the pregnancy was confirmed, it is important to eliminate harmful factors that may affect the mother and her baby. It’s advised to keep a proper diet, and do special exercises that are recommended for pregnant women.

The pregnancy is maintained by hormones. Due to significant changes, the woman may experience serious mood swings and intoxication, caused by hormonal disturbances. The good thing is that the symptoms appear in the first trimester only, which follows by hormonal stability in the next stages of pregnancy.


As a rule, during pregnancy the body gets fully prepared for the day X. Normally, the delivery lasts for 10-12 hours and occur in several stages:

  • Pre-labor (opening up the cervix);
  • Pushing the baby out;
  • Placenta delivery.

Postnatal period

There will be a lot of not very pleasant conditions that the woman will have to deal with after the birth. In the first 24 hours after the delivery, she may experience severe fatigue and drowsiness, adnominal pain and ache in the crotch. It will take some time before the damages and wounds in the cervix, caused by the birth, will completely heal. The list may continue with pain in the back and feet. When lactation starts, the woman can have high body temperature, not to mention increased sensitivity and pain in the breast.

As you may see, all stages of becoming a mother are hard in physical and emotional sense. However, the challenges are richly rewarded when the mother meets her baby for the first time.

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