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Pigmented spots on the upper lip

The pigmentation is characterized by a variety of forms and shapes, her peculiar sharp edges, smooth surface. Pigmentation may be of different size, color shade from yellow to dark brown. Localization spots often occurs on the face, especially the forehead, cheeks, nose, above the lip.

The pigmentation of the upper lip is particularly noticeable. It is also preferred by the pigmentation of the body are the hands of open areas and décolleté area.

Beauty is no one adds, and of course there are questions – whether to put up with her presence? how to remove unwanted spots on the face?

The appearance of skin pigmentation is a kind of signal the body to irregularities in his work. The reasons for the emergence and strengthening of existing pigmentation on the face can be a variety of endocrine disorders (thyroid, adrenal), pregnancy, menstrual cycle disorders, inflammatory diseases, oral contraceptives, liver disease, the pathology of the pituitary gland. Brown spots often appear on the skin after intense peels and other cosmetic procedures, which were conducted with violation of the technology and thereby thinned stratum corneum.

In summer, during prolonged exposure to the sun has been increasing hyperpigmentation. During this period it is recommended to use a cream with a high degree of protection from ultraviolet radiation, effective cream “Skinoren”. However, the whitening pigment, which is a sign of possible diseases of internal organs, as a rule, is a waste of time and money, and can cause serious complications.

Use whitening makeup or whitening procedures better on the recommendation of a highly qualified specialist. Many of these tools are powerful, and therefore able to provide a disservice – to provoke undesirable side effects (pigmentation disorders, dermatitis, allergic reaction).

It is worth noting that the dark spots can disappear spontaneously while eliminating their causes and precipitating factors. If pigmentation is proof character, it is necessary to consult a doctor, to visit the endocrinologist.

If highly annoying skin condition, sometimes covered with pigment spots, especially on the face, there are many methods to eliminate them. But none of them does not guarantee 100% results, often spots appear again. The pigmentation of the upper lip and other areas of the face is eliminated integrated approach, which includes bleaching treatments, exfoliation, competent skin care.

Brown spots are also eliminated with the help of different types of peeling (chemical, ultrasonic, laser). What is important is that these procedures are conducted by experienced personnel. It is better to pass the autumn and winter, in the summer they are ineffective, moreover due to the activity of the sun are undesirable. It is also recommended to protect the skin from the harmful effects of external factors, to monitor their health.

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