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Parasites in humans

General manifestations of the presence of parasites in humans

The most basic symptom is a sharp weight loss without objective reasons, pale skin, tired appearance and itching sensation in the perineal region. These are the first symptoms by which you can determine the infection with helminths. But these indicators can be very subjective and not true.

There are also many other signs that are perceived as signals about diseases of the kidneys, liver, GIT. Very often treatment is unsuccessful and the person remains unaware of the real cause of such manifestations.

Disorders of the digestive tract

There are species of worms that reproduce in the intestine, and not in organs or tissues. In case of such a lesion, among the main signs should be distinguished alternation of diarrhea and constipation, a systematic feeling of mild nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain in the navel, on the right side, flatulence or bloating. All these symptoms can be expressed very slightly, and people often just do not notice them, sometimes they can be longer and stronger. It all depends on the degree of infection.

Pain in the abdomen with the appearance of worms

Important! Most parasite species throw into the body toxins that cause diarrhea, in other cases in the presence of individuals of large size, they can clog the intestine, which is fraught with obstruction.

Disorders in the work of the nervous system and a sense of weakness
Helminths in the process of breeding secrete poisons, and the higher the degree of infection, the more intense will be the process of intoxication of the organism, which has a serious effect on the nervous system. Among the signs can be identified headache, systematic dizziness, accompanied by vomiting. These symptoms are very similar to the signs of migraine, and the person starts taking medication to eliminate the headache.

Intoxication causes joint pains, severe chills and fever to very high degrees.
The presence of worms leads to the fact that the body is deficient in the necessary micronutrients and vitamins.
All this along with the depression of the nervous system provokes chronic fatigue, a person constantly feels himself not slept, irritable.

Children begin to be often capricious, they are disturbed by a mode of a dream, they sleep uneasily, see nightmares, often there is a sleeplessness.

Children and infection with parasites

Allergic manifestations

Worms in the body have a detrimental effect on the skin. The products of the vital activity of helminths act as allergens, which lead to a dermatic reaction.
Allergies are manifested by various eruptions, itching on the skin, dry cough, chronic cold, and in some cases even bronchial asthma may develop.
Infected with worms, people often notice other symptoms in their body, for example, sharp deterioration of hair and nails, dryness of the feet and palms.

In connection with the lack of useful microelements and necessary vitamins, immunity decreases, which can cause exacerbations of already existing chronic ailments, as well as inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx.
Often in women, inflammation occurs in the organs of the genitourinary system.
Rash on the skin from parasites

Where parasites are localized

Parasites are divided into two groups – cavitary and tissue, depending on the zone of their concentration.

Hollow helminths affect all parts of the intestine. There are a lot of types of worms that concentrate in the intestines, the main ones are ascarids, hookworms, wide ribbons, pinworms, dwarf tseleen.

Tissue – trichinella, echinococcus, toxocar, focus in the tissues of organs, such as: brain, liver, pancreas, lungs, as well as in muscles and lymph nodes.

Symptoms of helminthiasis in case of infection with various species

Manifestations of worms in the body will depend not only on the species, but also on the intensity of the invasion.


When the ascarids are affected, after a few days a person can feel a pronounced deterioration in his physical condition. Basically, the symptoms begin to appear in a few weeks. The greatest danger of infection with parasites living in the intestine is that if there is only one individual in the body, the symptoms will be absent. They can manifest only if there is extensive invasion or in case of large parasite size.

Dangerous parasites of ascarids


Sometimes itching can only be observed for a few days, then disappear, and then reappear. This will say that the number of parasites in the body is minimal. With a strong infection, itching can occur all the time.

Pinworms under magnification

Other types

Trichocephalosis, ankylostomidosis, diphyllobothriasis – causes the development of anemia and beriberi. This is due to the fact that helminths release toxic substances.

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