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Pancreas decease

The main symptoms that indicate the beginning of the problems with the pancreas.

The pancreas is responsible for the production of digestive enzymes that break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates, so they are fully absorbed by the body. In addition, she is responsible for the production of insulin – a vital hormone. Therefore, even the slightest symptoms of the problems with the pancreas require careful analysis and the search for the cause. Symptoms of problems with the pancreas can be quite varied.

Most often diagnosed in patients: pancreatitis acute, chronic or reactive form; diabetes; pancreas cancer. Several doctors rarely faced with the problem of development: cysts; cystic fibrosis; pancreatic necrosis. Nevertheless, despite fairly extensive list of diseases, almost all of them have similar symptoms, as indicated at the beginning of the prostate tissue necrosis processes.

Thus, signs of problems with the pancreas consist of: Burning girdle pains, smack in the back – the most striking sign of the defeat of the pancreas appears, burning pain, usually after meals or alcohol, their distinguishing feature is the nature of shingles; nausea and vomiting; occurrence of notable discomfort in the area of ​​the navel with pressure on the abdomen; temperature rise sharply; heaviness in the abdomen; flatulence; skin rash; violations of the chair with a predominance of diarrhea.

  • Undoubtedly, the most common symptom of pancreatic disease is pain. Sometimes patients are forced to take the posture in which the pain becomes less intense, although in most cases, for example in the development of acute cholecystitis, the patient is difficult to even lie. Details about what the pain in the body can be caused, we are told in the article: What does the pain in the pancreas? Attention! Many diseases have similar symptoms to pancreatic diseases. Therefore, the final diagnosis can only be a doctor on the basis of numerous studies.
  • If in addition to digestive pancreatic endocrine functions are affected and that is there is diabetes, the patient may suffer from: constant fatigue; deteriorating eyesight and hearing; problems with clotting of blood; permanent weight loss; frequent tingling in the extremities; unquenchable thirst.
  • Early treatment of problems with the pancreas allows you as soon as possible to normalize the condition of the patient and eliminate the underlying disease in its earliest stages, when it is easiest to do. It is the timing of initiation of therapy, the prognosis depends, as all diseases of the pancreas characterized by rapid flow and the rapid transition to a protracted, often recurrent chronic forms.

Therefore, the appearance of the first signs of its defeat should immediately contact a doctor and undergo all the necessary tests. Attention! Self-medication for diseases of the pancreas is unacceptable, since it is often the consequence of becoming irreversible progression of disease and the development of serious complications, including diabetes. One of the leading roles in the treatment of diseases of the pancreas belongs diet. Of course, the drugs also occupy last place in therapy, but even the strongest and most modern facilities without making adjustments in the power will not be able to help the patient.

  • They are selected depending on the clinical picture of the disease, so the assignment lists often can be found: prokinetics; antispasmodics; NSAIDs; enzymatic means; antacids. Diet As a rule, for each patient, the doctor individually selects lists of permitted and forbidden foods, but in general it is based falls table №5.
  • Therefore, for a long time, for example, a few months, will have to completely give up: Signs of organ damage occur a few hours after ingestion of alcohol with fatty food fried; fat; alcohol; acute; carbonated beverages; acid; mushrooms; coffee; chocolate; confectionery; baking and so on. Important: after the normalization of the patient it is possible to gradually expand the menu due to previously forbidden foods, and if the disease has been diagnosed in the early stages, in most cases the patient can return to the old way of life.
  • During the first days of the patients it is not recommended to use anything else, except alkaline mineral water. In the days that powered most ground product, steamed, boiled or protushennymi. Much attention is paid to the temperature of the food, as excessively cold or hot food can harm the patient gland. It is best to use a dish and drink had a temperature of about 30-50 ° C.

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