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Natural fluffy lashes – decoration

Natural fluffy lashes – decoration of any fashionista, because they make our eyes bright, tender, feminine.

However, not every girl can boast of its density of eyelashes. Sometimes, when a shortage of nutrients lashes fall out, become less frequent, lose their luster. On eyelash state also influence disease and chronic inflammatory processes in the body.

Proper home care of the eyelashes will return their former beauty, make them thicker, longer and brighter.

  • Healthy eyelashes updated for several months. When removing make-up you lose a couple of cilia, do not worry, this is normal process. But for the purpose of prevention is recommended to take care of eyelashes is absolutely all women of any age, and at least occasionally indulge their nourishing masks.

Home Care for lashes

1. A great impact on the state of the eyelashes has mascara. Choose the highest quality cosmetics, with the lowest content of harmful chemical elements. Expensive proprietary ink must contain in its composition caring vitamin complex that protects the lashes from drying and prevents hair loss. Try to use mascara as little as possible, only for special occasions.

What is better to choose a mascara?

2. Before going to sleep must be washed with all cosmetics eye. Sleeping with painted eyes is unacceptable! To remove make-up is recommended to use special tools around the eyes. For this purpose, can approach a warmed oil. The worst makeup remover – is the soapy water. If you have a habit to wash the eyes with soap, immediately discard it. You desiccate the skin around the eyes, provoke the appearance of wrinkles, and the cilia begin to fall.

3. The machine for bending the lashes aside in a corner, its daily use will make lashes brittle and dull.

Folk remedies for the eyelashes:

The structure is identical to our eyelashes hair: they are the building blocks of a protein. Therefore, the most effective tool for strengthening and growth of eyelashes can be regarded as a cosmetic oil. Oil enriched with protein, vitamins and minerals.

Peach and almond oil moisturizes the fine eyelashes, stimulate their growth and prevents hair loss.

Castor oil and rum. This is an effective home remedy to stimulate the growth of eyelashes. Mix castor oil and rum in equal proportions. The resulting mixture is applied to the eyelashes 2-3 times a week to enhance their growth.

Cosmetic oil with vitamin A. From any cosmetic oils can prepare an effective mask for the growth and strengthening of eyelashes. For this purpose, suitable olive, fir, castor oil, sea buckthorn oil, almond oil or wheat germ oil. Add a teaspoon of vitamin A few drops of oil and apply to eyelashes 3-4 times a week.

Vaseline has moisturizing and emollient properties. It is recommended for dry brittle lashes prone to loss. Lubricate the lashes with Vaseline once a week.

Masks for eyelashes convenient to do in the evening. However, before you go to bed, it is desirable to remove the excess oil with a cotton swab. During sleep, there is a risk of oil entering the eye, which can cause swelling, especially for allergy sufferers.

Folk remedies for the eyelashes can transform your look in a matter of weeks. Regularly take care of their cilia, then they will delight you with their brilliance and density.

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