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Migraine during pregnancy

Migraine during pregnancy can occur even in people who never before did not know about the presence of such a disease and not watching a no sign of diseases of the head. Approximately 25% of future maternal migraine occurs with the forerunners – the aura, after which the start and headaches. You can imagine how difficult it is transferred to the common symptoms of the body at a state already close to critical. If you suffer headaches all the time is unbearable, it’s time to look for a way not to harm themselves and the child.

What is a migraine?

This disease is most often hereditary, which is expressed in a sharp pain in one side of the head or lobe. Headache when it is so strong that it can not remove the common pills like paracetamol or No-Spa, the more Citramon and other analgesics.

Migraines during pregnancy is also accompanied by her appearance heralds the symptoms that doctors dubbed aura. These include:

Fear of light, the aura that accompanies all the time or only during the day. Individual intolerance of strong smells and loud noises. Remoteness and isolation. The painful nausea and vomiting as a sign of an approaching headache, etc.

Often patients are pregnant women classify these feelings as a simple malaise, and the fact that the symptoms are pretty strong, blamed on the weakened body and try to take Citramon make a cold compress and forget about the illness. However, there need professional treatment at that stage, which is available now. Because it is closer to the genera treated with the help of tablets will not have time.

Causes of migraine mothers

Every body is different and produces a range of risk factors that cause the onset of the disease in the early stages. But to understand how to recognize the syndrome with or without aura, look at the main causes of headaches during pregnancy:

Taking certain foods such as chocolate, cheese, citrus fruit in large amounts, alcohol and hot spices, causing migraines.

Alcohol and smoking are contraindicated for pregnant women in general.

Lack of water in the body, especially in the early stages.

Overdose of drugs: Citramon even in large quantities can cause the same symptoms intensified nature and headaches.
Stress, lack of sleep and psychological stress.

Black eye in pregnant and pallor – is a sign that a migraine is possible, and one of her Citramon not save. Hatched a woman should sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, and wisely use the time to eat well, respectively.

In the early stages as possible allergic reactions, rejection of food, habitual diet. Try to build a treatment on how to change the diet and take time off from suspicious products.

Reactions in pregnancy on weather conditions, indoor climate. Although it is in such cases, Analgin or Citramon can help out.

Eliminating migraine home traditional methods:

Many women are afraid or unwilling to save time and contact the doctor for treatment. However, if at least one sign made itself felt, should be taken at home elementary treatment of headache during pregnancy. In the first place in recipes from headache out traditional medicine. So we struggled with migraine attacks in the old days:

Brewing strong and very sweet tea. We must be careful with this recipe in the early stages, as well as patients with diabetes mellitus. Compress of cabbage leaf helps to overcome migraine pills effectively Citramon: fresh, bathed in boiling water you need to make a piece to the place of pain and wrap woolen scarf, a sign to remove it. Ice bags like wraps pregnant from a headache, too, to help, but they should not keep for a long time, so as not to catch a cold. Rubbing his temples lavender water, lemon balm or sniffing citrus invigorates and relieves migraine symptoms. Again, if pregnant women do not have an allergic reaction on the ethers.

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