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Liver diseases

Quite a long period of time when the diseased liver has no pronounced signs of a person.

The liver does not hurt quite a long time. When the liver is healthy, then it is completely under the ribs. But when the liver begin to develop inflammation, it begins to act this match. Let’s see how it hurts the liver and what are the symptoms that occur when a person has. Symptoms of liver disease Nausea Nausea is a typical feature for the various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. But liver disease it is expressed most.

The patient may lose your appetite completely and occur to some foods disgust.

  • This is especially true of products with lots of fat. When this may not completely pain and diarrhea. Swelling When the patient changes the circulation of the liver, which promotes the release of a quantity of liquid blood. That is why the sign of a sick liver is swollen. Swelling may occur under the eyes, hands and feet, especially the fingers. But one of the most characteristic liver ascites edema can be considered.
  • It is a condition in which the stomach swells and increases a person like “ball”, due to accumulation of fluid. Twitching and sweating to the diseased liver is characterized by such symptoms as twitching, which are similar to short-term minor seizures (often falling asleep), disturbed sleep, palpitations, night sweats.

Avitaminosis sick liver “releases” the blood, it is not a quality. Because of this, suffer hormonal and immune system, the metabolism.

  • Because of this, it may develop symptoms of vitamin deficiency. There may be symptoms such as hair loss, dry skin, pale face. In addition, a person a long time to heal the wounds, bleeding gums, nails grow slowly. At the fair sex may disrupt the menstrual cycle, in men may decrease the potency. Viral and colds quite lengthy. Also, when the liver pathology in patients with frequent snoring occurs. Language is bright maroon. There may be dark spots on the skin, acne and so on. Rashes. There is also a common symptom of the diseased liver include pain, feeling of heaviness in the right hypochondrium. The pain may be constant or aching that worse during physical exertion. Pain may also occur after eating fatty food during bumpy ride. When resting pain calm down. Pain may be accompanied by heartburn, regurgitation, bitterness. Change the color of the skin and urine tests for liver disease characterized by the occurrence of complaints of yellow color.

First, you can watch the yellowness of the sclera.

At the same time you can discover the appearance of dark-colored urine, feces discoloration. Itching Amid prolonged liver disease appears itchy skin. This indicates a high content of blood components of bile. Other signs of an unhealthy liver Symptoms include fatigue, lethargy, weakness, decreased performance. Can the patient be seen fainting. Also, often the skin hemorrhages.

Sometimes patients complain that they often feel cold limbs. Many have muscle cramps in the fingers of the hands and feet, and leg cramps. Diagnosis and prevention of liver -when you call a specialist almost always show an increase in liver and spleen at times. It carried out a lot of research by experts at the first stage for the recognition of liver disease. This is due to the fact that quite diverse functions of the liver and by one or two analyzes can not be identified violations. The threshold of sensitivity we have different, and give a hundred percent guarantee that you can recognize the disease are always on time is simply impossible.

That is why it is recommended at least once a year for tests (complete blood count) and make the procedure of ultrasound to know whether our healthy blood-forming organ. For liver disease may be different, and if not treated in this body, you can develop the most severe disease.

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