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Kidney Diseases

How to detect kidney problems?

Let’s see, what signs indicate the presence of kidney problems and what to do in order to prevent the development of diseases.

  • Fatigue and edema may indicate broadly, the presence of kidney problems.
  • Fatigue and edema may indicate kidney problems broadly.
  • In the spring, when the body is relaxed, almost all reduced immunity and vitamin deficiencies observed, the probability of an aggravation of chronic diseases of the urinary system. Because of the deceptive weather may start cystitis, pyelonephritis, and men – prostate, experts warn.

About the problems with kidneys usually tell swelling decrease (less than 500 ml per day), or, conversely, excessive excretion of urine. It is also possible fatigue, fever in the evenings, chills, dull pain or discomfort in the lumbar region.

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“In ensuring the health of the kidneys and the entire urinary system plays a crucial role lifestyle. It is important to a reasonable combination of work and rest, enough sleep, good nutrition, – says urologist highest category Medical Center Into-Sana, MD Allan Show – Dress like you should about the weather, however, is not wrapped up. Prefer clothing made of natural fabrics. In cold weather during sports or physical work outdoors should use modern thermal underwear. “

Given that sport is definitely necessary for health, do not forget that some types of physical activity are fraught with injuries. You can damage the kidneys when doing all kinds of martial arts, some competitive sports, while skiing. It should be carefully approach the choice of sport for people with a solitary kidney.

Of great importance is the human diet. Kidneys do not like the abuse of hot spices, fried foods, smoked, salted. Poor nutrition can cause the formation of stones.

“I advise you not to take dietary supplements for weight loss with diuretic effect, – says the doctor. – It is important to comply with all the correct drinking regime. The daily requirement of fluid – 30 ml per 1 kg of weight. So, a person weighing 70 kg should consume 2.1 liters of fluid per day. Approximately 400-600 ml of giving food, therefore, 1.5 liters – the optimal amount to drink. In hot weather, in heavy physical labor, sports (when a person sweats) should increase the amount of drinking. “

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To insure themselves against all diseases can not be, experts say. Many ailments are genetically predetermined. However, unable to influence the human factors that can trigger the development of diseases.

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