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Itching in the urethra

   Itching in the urethra – is a symptom of many different diseases of the urinary and reproductive system. In most cases, it does not appear separately – along with it there are other uncomfortable symptoms – burning and pain during urination.

Symptomatic diseases which may be itching in the urethra?

  Most often, itching in the urethra is a symptom of an infectious disease, sexually transmitted. It may be:

  • trichomoniasis
  • gonorrhea
  • chlamydia
  • urogenital candidiasis.

   Sometimes unpleasant sensations arise from the nature of urethritis.

How dangerous trichomoniasis?

  It appears when the urethra enter Trichomonas. This is followed by the rapid growth of colonies of microorganisms. Comorbidities may be different bacterial infections.

This disease is dangerous due to the fact that it is often asymptomatic and does not cause the patient any visible problems. At the same time launched trichomoniasis can lead to a variety of serious complications. The only symptoms of trichomoniasis may have problems with urination – including itching and burning in the urethra. If you have any of these symptoms should see a specialist.

Itching with urogenital candidiasis

  •    The causative agent of this disease is of particular pathogen – yeast fungus. Any fungal diseases cause severe itching – Candida is no exception. This disease is also dangerous because it can cause a variety of complications of genitourinary sphere.
  •    Launched Candidiasis can lead to prostatitis in men, cystitis in women, to urethritis and other troubles that may require special treatment, diseases. Candidiasis affects not only the urethra, but other organs and systems of the human body.

The symptom of gonorrhea

Sexually transmitted diseases, sexually transmitted. It affects the urinary and sexual organs. The first symptom of the disease – is itching in the urethra.

If after unprotected intercourse and doubtful there was an itch, you should immediately consult a doctor. The sooner treatment begins, the better will be the results.


The main symptoms of this disease are a burning sensation and pain when urinating, but in some cases also observed and itching.

Diagnosis and treatment

  •    It is important to know that the itching in the urethra does not occur by itself, without any reason. It is always a symptom of diseases of the genitourinary system. Chronic and neglected diseases cause severe complications, infection can affect a variety of organs.
  •    Assign treatment can only be a doctor, so it is imperative to refer to it as soon as any unpleasant, unusual, uncomfortable feelings. The doctor will conduct a comprehensive diagnosis, prescribe laboratory tests – and only then select the correct treatment regimen.

Without diagnostic tests and without any kind of treatment can not be carried out. Many urogenital infections have a certain resistance to different types of antibiotics, so self-appoint themselves antibacterial broad-spectrum drugs ineffective and unsafe. The disease can become chronic and then cure it would be extremely difficult, it will require much more time and money.

Nor should we expect that the unpleasant symptoms will pass by itself. It is necessary to see a specialist – and strictly comply with all its provisions.

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