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Itching in the groin

Itching is specific for skin sensual sensation that has the physiological effect as signal-warning system for the tickling irritation specific subthreshold pain and in a variety of quantitative and qualitative gradations which accompanies numerous skin diseases.

Itching in the groin – pathogenesis

Everyone not once experienced itching sensations of a location. In itself, this phenomenon is extremely unpleasant. And when it comes to the phenomenon of itching in the groin, you should think about the reason for his appearance. Itching in the genital area, both men and women to carry heavy as in the psychic (constant feeling of discomfort confused man and makes us constantly distracted from the affairs) and physiological terms (there is a continuous need for reciprocal mechanical stimulation of the skin).

Causes of itching

   At present, the causes of such unpleasant sensations, like itching in the groin may be quite a lot. To meeting decided to refer most often:

  1. Diseases of the reproductive system. This should include the disease of viral, fungal and bacterial origin: candidiasis (thrush), herpes, trichomoniasis and other;
  2. Failure to comply with hygienic measures;
  3. Pubic pediculosis, insect bites in the intimate zone;
  4. Frequent reception of hot tubs and hot showers daily intake using fat-free soaps leads to skin dryness, as a consequence, the emergence of itching in the crotch area;
  5. Skin diseases having inguinal localization: contact dermatitis (reaction to any cosmetic product), atopic dermatitis, urticaria, eczema, and the like;
  6. Itching in the groin can occur as a result of dysfunction of the digestive tract: diarrhea, presence of worms in the intestines.

Itching in the groin may have the following names, reflecting the cause of its occurrence and its location:

  • uremic pruritus (with the defeat of the urinary system)
  • cholestatic pruritus (jaundice, cholestatic hepatitis, primary biliary cirrhosis),
  • Endocrine pruritus (itching during pregnancy, diabetes mellitus)
  • paraneoplastic pruritus (visceral carcinoma, Hodgkin’s disease),
  • neurogenic,
  • psychogenic,
  • drug-induced pruritus.

Measures of prevention and elimination of itching of the inguinal:

Despite the plethora of possible causes of groin itching, the first place among the female population put the elementary disregard of intimate body hygiene. It is important to carry out daily change of underwear and washing away. And to carry out hygienic measures of the external genitalia is recommended with the use of specialized tools, not irritating mucous membranes and the corresponding pH for the natural environment of the vagina.

   Equally important in the prevention of this phenomenon, such as itching in the groin, nutrition plays a woman. The daily diet should be rich in dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables. It is best to limit consumption of fatty, spicy food.

   At the time of treatment (after the establishment of the etiological factor) it is recommended to give up sex life, limit physical activity and reduce the stay under UV rays.

It is important to remember that in any case it is not necessary to self-medicate. To establish the correct diagnosis is necessary to visit a qualified specialist. Only a gynecologist, having all the necessary methods of investigation (inspection, sampling on the microflora, etc.) will be able to put the diagnosis and to establish the cause of the itching groin.

The most common diseases that are accompanied by itching of the genital organs of women are candidiasis and vaginosis. With candidiasis, sooner or later will face each woman, as it may appear from the elementary reduce immunity.

   A more complex and severe disease, provoking the appearance of inguinal itching, herpes is localized in the genital area (genital herpes).

   Kraurosis – another disease that often affects women in the menopausal period. The main features of this process are the burning and itching. This process requires adjustment on the part of the endocrine system, so in this disease is carried hormone, as well as prescribe the use of vitamins and medicines that have a tonic effect.

There are cases of gratuitous itch. When is not possible to detect or even suspect that a causative factor of this phenomenon.

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