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Erectile dysfunction and impotence in men.

How to save your potency?

Save potency to old age – is real!
How to enjoy sexual life?

How to restore male potency? The problem of impotence in the modern world is quite acute. A large number of men between the ages suffering from this disease that does not allow them to fully enjoy life – to get sexual pleasure and to give his beloved. And it’s really sad.

However, if they have a solution to this problem? You, dear reader, must have heard and perhaps personally know men who are to old age kept the good health and virility. Therefore, it is possible! And it’s not in a good heredity, although it plays a role. The reason is the other – in the right way of life.

To understand what is “right livelihood”, let us first determine the cause of impotence. It turns out that very simple – impotence in men occurs when poor blood flow in the capillaries of the prostate. Why is this happening? Reasons may include the following:

  1. Age. Over the years, it is not only vessels of the prostate, but also the whole body become clogged, grow decrepit. Because of this, bad blood reaches all organs and consequently deteriorates its supply of oxygen and nutrients. But you can restore male potency even in old age.
  2. Bad habits. Alcohol, smoking, poor diet negatively affect the condition of the vessels. I did not discover America if I say that everything in the body is interconnected and interdependent. If as a result of smoking “haywire” light – it will not slow down and affect the general condition of the body. That, in turn, is not the best way will affect the prostate.
  3. Sedentary lifestyle. If the pelvic muscles are not working – that the blood circulates poorly on them. And to reach internal organs badly needed oxygen and substances.

How to restore or maintain male potentsiyuEto main causes of impotence in older men. What to do, how to treat impotence? The answer is simple and obvious – to conduct a correct way of life, as stated above. Namely:

  1. Get rid of bad habits – smoking and stop drinking. Many people think that it is very difficult – but you probably know people who have done it! If you set yourself a clear objective – that all will turn out.
  2. Go to the correct food. Stop eating fast food, reduce fat, eating sweet and starchy foods in the diet. Eating more fruits and vegetables, drink more water.
  3. Exercise. Optionally, it should be a sports – fit, and just charge in the morning, gymnastics, jogging. More outdoor activities. Particular attention should be paid to exercise, calculated on the lower part of the body – in fact, we need to improve blood circulation in the pelvis, right? More details about the complex exercises will be discussed in the next article.
  4. Less stress in life. Of course, in today’s world it is very difficult to completely avoid, but significantly reduce always possible.

As you can see, everything is quite simple. Start a correct way of life – and man’s strength will come back to you!

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