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How to remove painting bags?

Painting bags under the eyes to the cheeks: how to remove them?

Painting bags under the eyes are age-related physiological changes in facial contour, they bring a lot of unpleasant moments when you look in the mirror. Thanks to them oval face is changing, becoming more bloated, changing physiognomy. You receive eternal weariness and sorrow on his face. Meanwhile, bags of paint on the cheeks can not be considered a manifestation of the consequences of doing the wrong lifestyle. Inadequate skin care, a sedentary lifestyle and eating disorders there is also a special role does not play.

  • All because of – age-related changes. The fact that sufa or subcutaneous hernia sac is, absolutely all people on our planet. They are located on the top of the arc of the cheekbones and at a young age are located deep in the epidermis. High skin turgor, soft tissue elasticity artfully camouflages them, and muscle tissue is maintained at a level where they do not spoil the appearance of the person.
  • In the process of aging skin become flabby, turgor decreases sufa gradually lowered, changing the position of the little corner of the mouth, eyes, eyebrows. A person receives constantly sullen and mournful expression. Make this something in the home is almost impossible. Before you remove them, you need to consult a dermatologist doctor. Depending on the stage of the pathological process Specialist will select the appropriate treatment. It can be plastic surgery to facial contours or non-surgical procedure Dermaheal Eyebag Solution.

What is a painting bags or sufa? 

  • If you have to look at the photo, what the painting bags, we can say that are lucky enough to keep youth and skin turgor. However, approximately 60% of modern women older than 40 years can not boast of such an opportunity. As a rule, they are, to see what sufa on his face, enough to go to the mirror.
  • The reflection is seen as swollen thick strips, overlapping contour cheekbones under the eyes slowly slide to the lower jaw, distorting facial expression. Even with a smile persists gloom. Some facial poses, these bags are becoming more distinct and noticeable.
  • In fact, this phenomenon is due to the inherent physiological genetic inheritance. Suffer mostly women with a broad face and small type, do not allocate cheekbones. The rest of the fair sex into old age may not feel the negative impact of these hernia formations filled with fat cells. In rare cases sufa become noticeable as early as adolescence. Typically, it looks like a swelling below the eyes after a night’s sleep. During the first half of the day, this swelling usually goes away without a trace. But the next day everything is repeated.
  • In other cases, the risk of distortion of facial contours increases at a time when the climax comes. Female body in this time losing a significant part of the primary sex hormone begins hormonal changes and aging of the skin. If at this time to pay attention to proper diet and hormone therapy amestitelnuyu, you can extend the natural youthfulness another 8-10 years.
    Unfortunately, the whirlwind of everyday worries does not do it in time.

How to remove painting bags on the cheeks: 5 Effective Ways

  • Before you remove the painting bags on the cheeks, it is important to completely reconsider their attitude to life and his own body. One should try to accept yourself for what is, to love and take for granted the need to constantly take care of their own health.
  • There are 5 simple effective way to prolong youthfulness of their skin, keeping its turgor and the ability to flexibly support all internal cavities.

They include:

  • Night’s sleep at least 8 hours in total darkness and silence (only under such conditions it produces melatonin that promotes renewal and regeneration of body cells;
  • Adequate supply of clean drinking water in the woman’s body (in the summer you need to drink in addition to food and drink at least 3 liters of water, winter and autumn – at least 2 liters);
  • Outdoor exercise every day 40 – 60 minutes (the best place – pine forest);
  • Cleansing and moisturizing facial skin morning and evening, do not go out without applying a sunscreen composition with UF-filter not less than 3 units;
  • Regular intake of vitamin and mineral supplements, during menopause hormone replacement therapy is necessary, appointed by the results of a blood test study.
  • In addition, it is important to keep track of their own weight, exercise and making regular facial massage. Useful mimic gymnastics, which maintains muscle tone.

You can remove paint dermahilom bags and other cosmetic treatments:

You can remove the paint bags dermahilom – procedure called Dermaheal Eyebag Solution (it is injecting a special drug that pulls sufa). The unique structure of the peptides of the complex allows to have a positive impact on the structure of the lipid tissue, reducing its volume. The effect of tightening seen after the first procedure. A special feature enhances the regeneration of collagen, which in combination with the natural elastin firms the skin and makes it more elastic and young. Also in the convoy contains substances that improve the lymphatic fluid outflow. This prevents swelling of the bags in the morning after a night’s sleep. Removing dermahilom defect is absolutely safe and has no contraindications and side effects. In the early stages enough only 2 treatments. Tightens the skin, wrinkles, lifted the corners of the eyes.

  • You can remove the paint bags and other cosmetic procedures, have the highest effect:
  • Termolifting by laser exposure, during which carried out withdrawal of excess fluid and disruption of lipid clusters;
  • Lymphatic drainage massage can improve skin tone and relax the facial muscles, giving effect after 10-12 procedures;
  • Blepharoplasty – is operative surgery under general anesthesia, gives a surprising result, but requires a long period of rehabilitation, continuing up to 3 weeks.

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