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How to remove nits and lice

It would seem that in today’s world, few people remember about the lice, but unfortunately this is not so, and many today are faced with such a problem as the lice. How to destroy lice – this issue of concern to many people, because the infected lice, both adults and children.

For unknown reasons, there is a perception that lice can be got only disadvantaged people, which is not interested in personal hygiene. In this connection, when a problem occurs, any person withdraws into himself, trying to get rid of harmful insects alone, embarrassed to see a doctor.

But in reality, lice can occur for a variety of reasons, regardless of the financial situation, regular hygiene procedures and the scope of data, so if you notice symptoms of lice infestation, it is advisable to consult a doctor who can recommend an effective remedy.

But to remove nits and lice can get rid of, and without resorting to the help of a doctor, because this problem has existed since ancient times, and people have learned to deal with it using a variety of methods, the most effective of which will be discussed below.

Folk remedies for getting rid of lice

Recipes traditional medicine are particularly advantageous because they do not include substances that are harmful to the skin and hair of the head, wherein the insects are killed as quickly as with the use of specially designed products.

  • Kerosene. The means-tested our grandmothers would be useful today. You do not need to carry out complex actions thoroughly enough to smear her head with kerosene and wash it for two hours, and then, using the shampoo thoroughly rinse hair.
  • Cranberry juice. Throughout the week, the juice of berries must be rubbed into the hair.
  • Larkspur. Grass, in the amount of 10 grams, pour the citric acid (5 grams) and add a little boiling water. The resulting drug should stand for about six hours, then it should drain. The mixture is rubbed into the scalp.
  • Mint. Two large tablespoons of leaves should pour a glass of pomegranate juice, then boil the resulting solution. The tool should be rubbed into the hair and scalp.
  • Labrador tea and cheremitsa. It should take two tablespoons each of these herbs and add to the pork fat composition in an amount of 30 grams, then let brew for 12 hours, and drain. The resulting mixture rub into the head twice a day.
  • These herbs do not have harmful effects on the hair and skin, but on the contrary will be useful mask, so you can periodically use them, even if you do not have lice. It is an excellent prevention.

It is very important in getting rid of lice and nits in a timely manner to remove. How to do it? In this procedure, as no big deal. Folk remedies may also be helpful in this process. The most the best way to get rid of the lice eggs is to use vinegar. A solution of vinegar, which is prepared with water, applied to the hair. It is necessary to thoroughly wet head and carefully comb the hair comb with frequent teeth, combing or use a toothbrush.

A natural desire of people who are faced with head lice, is as fast as possible to get rid of this problem, what can be done, having carried out a comprehensive treatment.

Carry out kerosene head hair treatment or use of the drug for. Shave the hair during the treatment is not necessary, even if they are very long, you just need to be patient.

Two hours after the application of funds, flush head over the bath, at the same time, keep in mind that the means used must not go to the body. Carefully wipe with a towel hair (hair must not be used), then soak the hair with a solution of vinegar and water and comb it. combing procedure should last as long as possible to get rid of the maximum number of nits. At the end of brushing, look at his head, and if you see the remaining lice eggs, select them manually.

At the final stage wash hair with shampoo.

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