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How to live with hypertension and use a tonometer?

Increased pressure: how to live with hypertension and use a tonometer

Hypertension is one of the most common diseases, it affects almost 60% of the world’s population. But every second does not know.

Being in ignorance, a person misses the time when hypertension is easy to take under control and avoid its sad consequences – heart attack and stroke. In order not to fall into this category of patients, be careful and observe a few simple rules.

First rule. Consider risk factors

These include:

● hereditary predisposition, especially if the mother suffers hypertension: she will give it to her son and daughter;
● Overweight and obesity;
● high cholesterol in the blood;
● smoking and alcohol abuse;
● a sedentary lifestyle;
● diabetes mellitus;
● stress and sleep deficit (less than 8 hours a day);
● excessive intake of salt.

If any of the factors you have, you need to be especially careful.

2nd rule. Do not wait for the onset of symptoms

The insidiousness of the disease lies in the fact that high blood pressure often does not cause visible problems. High figures are recorded when the heart, brain, kidneys, and organs of vision are already suffering. And even in this case, manifestations are meager: headache, a feeling of compression of the skull, a feeling of heat, nosebleeds, fatigue can be noted. Often people write off this for fatigue. And many even feel completely satisfactory.

There are also “people’s signs” indicating hypertension. Deep and elongated nasolabial fold on both sides is a sign of increased stress on the heart. A red tuberous nose with veins of blood vessels and red spots on the face – a signal that the heart is not all right. But all this, of course, can not be considered absolutely reliable signs.

The third rule. Monitor the pressure

Only the measurement of pressure will help to detect hypertension. But if it is carried out occasionally, for example, only when you visit a doctor, it does not reflect the true picture. Therefore, you need to have a tonometer at home and use it regularly.

Opinions of doctors on the norm of pressure diverge. “Liberals” believe that all people from birth are characterized by either slightly increased or slightly lowered pressure. “Radicals” are strict: the norm is 120 / 70-80 mm Hg. Its upper limit is 140/90 mm Hg. Art. And if this pressure is fixed several times in a row for two weeks, it can already be considered the initial stage of hypertension. If within half a year the pressure keeps within these limits, without giving “jumps”, drug treatment is most likely not required. But if the figures now and then go off scale, it can not be avoided. Elderly, antihypertensive drugs are prescribed, without waiting for the excess of the upper limit of the norm.

4 th rule. Learn how to use a tonometer

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On this depends the accuracy of the results, and hence the validity of the disturbances.

1. The pressure is measured before meals, in the morning and in the evening.
2. The hand should be located at the level of the heart.
3. Place the cuff directly on the skin, not on top of the sleeve of clothing. Place it two fingers above the elbow. Suffering obesity requires a cuff with an elongated air chamber, otherwise the indices of blood pressure will be unreliable.
4. Pump air quickly and above the intended level of blood pressure by 20-30 mm Hg. and lower slowly – by 2-3 mm Hg. Art. per second.
5. Half an hour before the measurement, do not worry, do not overcool, do not smoke, do not drink coffee, tea, alcohol, do not do physical work and sports. During the measurement, do not talk, do not squeeze your hand into a fist and without the need to place a fist under the elbow of the hand on which the measurement passes.
6. Normally, the difference between the indicators on the right and left hand does not exceed 10%. Focus on the higher.

These simple rules will allow you to timely identify the disease and, therefore, make its treatment more effective.

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