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Heart disease

Modern Problems of heart disease, doctors puzzled serious problem – heart disease has become so widespread that we are talking about the heart of this epidemic. More and more people are susceptible to the influence of so-called “deadly quartet”: Obesity Hypertension Type II diabetes and metabolic disorders.

  • Constant stress, lack of proper nutrition, pollution – these and other factors lead to the fact that health care is relegated to the background, and when the engine of the human body begins to sound the alarm, it is too late. Causes of heart disease most common causes of heart disease: Impact of Psychological Stress Lack of exercise load of bad habits Malnutrition. It is obvious that a plurality of them can be avoided if you remember that the health – the most precious thing a man can have.
  • Of course, some factors will not get rid of, even with the big desire. Advanced age or genetic predisposition, sooner or later will be felt, but this does not mean that you need to go to the dressing and exacerbate the already not very rosy health situation. Optionally, obesity will lead to a heart attack, but if it continues to abuse of fatty foods and neglect exercise, the risk of heart disease is increased many times over.

Heart disease.

  • Symptoms situation is further complicated by the fact that heart disease may not manifest itself for a long time no symptoms. The patient may be in a few months or even years complain of mild discomfort, treat yourself without seeking advice of a physician, thus allowing a fatal mistake. You can not joke with heart disease, ignoring their symptoms.
  • If someone periodically occur such complaints as: Shortness of breath Chest pain Palpitations Feeling tightness of the chest numbness of the skin on the face Paralysis of limbs or even the whole body, can not wait another minute. Even if for a short time symptoms have disappeared, as soon as possible to seek medical help.
  • Borne on his feet a heart attack does not indicate good health person to whom all the hardships of flying, and may be a harbinger of more serious trouble, to get rid of so easily that no longer happens. Particular care should be if the family already has cases of heart disease. Healthy living should become the norm, the heart is bound to say for it: “Thank you.”

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