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Health of our nails

We care about the beauty and health of nails

The man who groomed nails, a priori can not be successful. He either does not know how to distribute their time, or just lazy. In any case, with such an attitude to themselves and others to become a leader is not possible.

If you want to change your life for the better – start with a manicure. Will result in the order of the nails, and then, suddenly, a new hairstyle and want, and change the hair color, and outfit to buy. Appearance is important, yes. Your mind because of sloppy nail will not see most of it without thought.

And taking care of the fingers is not only women who did. We’re not about nail varnish men talking. Trimmed-podpilennye (in a word, neat) nails are necessary for all men. If you are, of course, in a mine or tire service is not running.

Our craftsmen studios network will put in order and the nails on the hands and feet. Girls can try out the new nail-Disa, make hardware manicure, repair a broken nail, etc. Men hands will look just manicured. We handle and nails in children, unless the child is ready to sit quietly in a chair.

Warranty terms and conditions to cover gel polish:

  • If during the week of gel varnish with your nails began to “get off”, we will make repairs marigold absolutely free;
  • warranty does not apply if you, for example, cleaned beets and the resulting coating color changed; In other words, in cases of aggressive action of chemical agents or dyes to the nails.
  • Nail file, which was done manicure, give you. We care about customers’ health, so the master always use disposable consumables: nail files, bafiki, lint-free wipes, etc.

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