Gout is a term that defines a form of arthritis. It is a metabolic disease that invades human joints. When metabolism interrupts, uric acids start to deposit in the joints. The disease can strike any joint, but the ones in the toes are the most exposed. Today, this disease is considered to be a relatively rear condition. Only 1-3 out of 1000 people suffer from gout. Although it is seen in both male and female bodies, men over 40 are in the most dangerous territory.

How does gout develop?

Urine acid is a waste product of metabolic processes. After the breakdown of certain substances, it gets into the blood. Normal work of kidneys provides regular removal of urine acid from the body. If any abnormalities in this chain occur, the acid may start to accumulate in the blood and crystallize in the joints. As a rule, this process is accompanied with attacks of painful arthritis and inflammation. At the same time, the crystals of the urine acid may form stones in the kidneys and knobs in tissues («gouty pearls»).


Family background is an important factor that may cause the development of gout. Other conditions that cause predisposition to the disease:
overeating, excessive meat consumption, poor nutrition; alcohol abuse (especially beer and wine); passive lifestyle.
Quite often, gout develops in people who suffer from kidney failure and blood diseases.


In most cases, gout attacks are caused by a heavy alcohol intake or overeating. The disease starts with a sudden onset of severe pain, redness and burning in the joint. As a rule, gout symptoms appear in the nighttime. Th gout attacks are normally preceded by a slight prickling sensation in the affected joint. Untreated gout causes more frequent and longer pain attacks, as well as complications on the kidneys and urinary tract.


Gout is an incurable, but controllable disease. Certain actions can help the patient relieve symptoms and reduce the frequency of the pain. First of all, the patient’s diet should be changed. Thus, such products as beer, wine, meat, beans, mushrooms, caviar should be excluded from the nutrition. The treatment includes an intake of anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy and body weight corrections.

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