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Gonorrhea in men

Gonorrhea in men: first symptoms, treatments and possible complications

Gonorrhea in men – a venereal disease which transmitted mainly through sexual contact. The causative agent of the disease is specific pus-producing microorganisms – gonococcus. Getting on the mucous membrane of genital infection has the ability to migrate through the lymph vessels to other parts of the urinary tract.

Gonorrhea in men: first symptoms, treatments and possible complications:

In our country is widespread another name for gonorrhea – gonorrhea. It is formed from the German word «drippen», literally “falling drops.” This name is quite justified the first signs of the disease.

The first symptoms of gonorrhea:

  • The first sign of gonorrhea – is the involuntary discharge of translucent mucus from the urethra. Dropping from penis – so thousands of men in our country is characterized by the first symptom of gonorrhea.
  • But it would be wrong to believe that the disease affects only the genitals. You can get infected with gonorrhea and oral-genital sex. Then the bacteria get into the mouth and threatening diseases like pharyngitis, stomatitis, tonsillitis, etc.
  • But still the main means of transmission is unprotected genital sexual intercourse. As mentioned above, gonorrhea in men affects the mucosa of the urogenital system. And another pronounced symptom may be difficult and painful urination. Visible signs of gonorrhea are redness and swelling of the opening of the glans penis, and the emergence of small sores around him.

Gonorrhea in men: first symptoms, treatments and possible complications:

It is also possible the appearance of swelling and pain in the scrotum.

  • In some cases it is possible the emergence of such symptoms of gonorrhea as a sore throat (evidence of spread of infection in the throat), eye irritation and inflammation, discomfort in the rectum, and purulent discharge from the anus.
  • Symptoms of gonorrhea in men appear between 2 and 7 days after infection. In asymptomatic period of the disease a man can unwittingly infect sexual partners.

Methods for the treatment of gonorrhea:

  • On the self-treatment of gonorrhea better not even think about. The only true method of treatment you can tell just experienced venereal disease on the basis of analyzes. To date, get rid of the disease by receiving antibiotics. The duration of treatment depends on the type of disease.

There are two forms of gonorrhea:

1. Fresh form. The duration of the disease is less than 2 months after the first symptoms. In turn, the fresh form is divided into the following types:

  • acute gonorrhea,
  • subacute gonorrhea,
  • torpid gonorrhea, differs slightly symptomatic illness lasting no more than 2 months.

2. The chronic form. This form results in improper or untimely treatment. The disease occurs in an asymptomatic form, and without medical intervention covers the whole body of the patient.

  • In uncomplicated gonococcal infection to get rid of gonorrhea can use zinatsefa injection that is injected once in the buttock. There is also a series of tablets (abaktal, ciprofloxacin), a single dose of which can provide a complete cure when fresh gonorrhea.
  • In other cases, an individual course of treatment prescribed by the test results. Selection of drugs made in view of the sensitivity of infection to certain types of antibiotics. The course of treatment is determined by a specialist depending on the stage of the disease. Can be assigned to one course of treatment, or (in chronic disease) is assigned a long-term treatment of gonorrhea in several directions.

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