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Genital warts

Despite the intimidating name, genital warts are painless only external manifestation of the HPV virus group. The virus of this group is characterized by its low capacity for regeneration in malignant tumors, but still requires careful treatment and regular preventive maintenance.

How do you get infected?

According to the Ministry of Health and Social Development, this type of disease is found in 30% of people are carriers of HPV virus. Transmission of the virus can occur through sexual intercourse or from a pregnant mother to the fetus.

The process of contracting the virus during sexual intercourse takes place as follows: HPV virus carrier after unprotected penetration passes it to the recipient. Because of the virus entering the mucosa it occurs “recess” into cells. But an early manifestation of the virus is observed only in the event that a person or a low level of immune defenses in the body are already other viruses HPV group.

   In all other cases, the incubation period is 9-10 weeks after infection.

The main symptoms of genital warts

The first symptoms of the patients expressed small rash in the genital area. Such lesions have a pronounced red and hold for about one to two weeks. After this period, rash formed in genital warts, called genital warts. formations on average length of 1.8 mm. In severe cases of the disease, genital warts can reach 5-10 cm.

The difficulty of early diagnosis of disease caused by the fact that genital warts can appear as on the outside and on the inside of the genital organs of women and men. Education often resemble symptoms in patients, occurring in secondary syphilis. Therefore, the medical diagnosis of genital warts process takes place in two stages: patients gynecological examination and a blood test.

Removing Genital Warts

After diagnosing the disease patients are offered the treatment. Modern medicine offers only one method of treatment of genital warts – a radical, that is, their physical removal. Recently, along with the removal of genital warts drug status patients undergoing treatment and prevention.

Depending on the size and number of genital warts can be removed using a laser scalpel. This method is used in the case of low frequency rashes. At the critical development of the disease (warts that develop in the birth canal of women or the urethra of men) this is the only possible option.

   Often used chemical methods to remove genital warts:

  • treatment for 2 weeks with a frequency of 1 every 2 days podophyllin;
    injections of interferon.
  •    The first method is more efficient, but it has some contraindications and should be carried out under the close supervision of physicians. Medical practice has shown good results in the removal of benign skin lesions using TCA. But today, this method is rarely used, which is caused by a large number of cases of a sharp deterioration in the overall health of the patient.
  •    Genital warts sometimes removed by using a carbon dioxide laser. But research scientists have shown that the use of this method is not the most effective: the dead tissue that inevitably arise as a result of exposure to the laser, are more pliable for the re-development of the virus. Therefore, experts recommend the use of this method only when absolutely necessary, together with the use of drugs that enhance human immunity.

Because the HPV virus is retained even after the removal of warts on the mucous membrane, men after radical treatment is recommended to undergo periodic examinations and take preventive medications.

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