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Genital warts in men and women

This proliferation of the surface layer of the skin of the anus and the genitals resembling warts, “cauliflower”, sometimes like a sponge with some buds. Color warts are different. In general the color is different from the rest of the skin color, but are reddish or brown formation.

Risk factors

Genital warts affect both women and men. In men, according to statistics, they are less noticeable.

They are located in the main groups in the places where the skin or mucous membranes are exposed to friction underwear and frequent hydration. In men, it is – the penis (especially the head), the anal area. Women – labia, the skin of the labia lips, and at the junction of the labia majora to the thighs (groin), vagina, cervix, and anal area.

In women, genital warts are often accompanied by unpleasant (and sometimes painful) sensations are enhanced during intercourse. The most common complaint – profuse discharge with an unpleasant odor.

   Genital warts are highly contagious disease.

The main reasons for the development of Genital warts caused by the human papilloma virus, which does not manifest itself in the majority of the population. The main route of transmission – sexual. Inhibition of immune response gives the virus an opportunity to manifest itself.

   The development of the virus depends on:

  • More than one sexual partner or part of their change
  • Early sexual debut
  • Anal sex (so there is a great danger of injury to the skin and mucous membranes)
  • Pregnancy
  • Stress
  • Smoking (especially in women). In a study of smoking women with genital warts in secretions from the cervix found nicotine, cotinine, and other substances from cigarettes
  • Other diseases, sexually transmitted diseases (herpes, mycoplasmosis, chlamydia and others)
  • The weakening of immunity from serious illness, HIV-infection, oncology, diabetes
  • Frequent abortions in women

After a period of a hidden disease progression warts are found on the genitals, and that helps to make a diagnosis and begin treatment.

Why not “rip” warts?

If you tear off genital warts, is thereby injure the skin located below it. This helps the virus to penetrate deeper into the body, and actively proliferate, but elsewhere. In addition, the place where were the warts can be infected by such a tear. Also, the area of ​​warts degeneration into a malignant tumor can happen.

Nedolechennaya genital warts in pregnant women can increase so much that will close the birth canal. The greatest danger is that they can cause severe respiratory disease in newborns.

Removing genital warts

Genital tumors require professional removal. In the conditions of modern hospitals is quick, painless, bloodless and does not require general anesthesia.

What is the method of radio wave coagulation?

This removal of genital warts by a radiowave knife under local anesthesia. bloodless method. The effect of it is good. Crust formed in situ warts itself disappears within a week.

What is a laser?

This action directed beam of the laser beams on the warts. Suitable for pregnant women. Pain from it are minimal. Furthermore, the laser has the property of improving blood supply to the skin area around the warts that helps heal faster postoperative area. Fabric warts like “evaporated”, and the skin looks smooth under acuminata. Operation is quick and bloodless. Heals skin for about a week.

Prevention of disease

To avoid contamination do not touch the warts. If the contact is required (personal hygiene), wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. Sexual intercourse with any partner, do not even have external genital warts, should be only in a condom. After removal of genital warts and passing certain tests doctor clinic you select individual therapy to strengthen the immune system with the aim of preventing recurrence.

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