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Freckles on the skin

Freckles on the skin, which are small pigmented spots that are often transmitted through heredity. Freckles are rounded, and are most often found on the face. Freckles like places that come into contact with sunlight (face, hands, neck), on the mucous membranes of freckles is not the case, it follows that the pigmentation of the lips, it is a manifestation of any disease.

Why freckles appear on the lips?

As already mentioned, the freckles on the lips, it is often a manifestation of some disease, but also spots on the lips can occur during pregnancy and after childbirth, usually spots disappear.

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Another factor in the appearance of pigmentation is a worm infestation, which affects the melanocytes.

The appearance of pigmentation on the lips and around the mouth, in some cases, indicates the appearance gastrointestinal polyposis. In other words, it is Peutz-Jeghers syndrome, this syndrome is characterized by the presence of polyps in the gastrointestinal tract, and is inherited.

If you notice at the appearance of freckles and spots on the lips, not too lazy to see a specialist, these spots can talk about developing the disease in your body. You can remove freckles at home.

Manifestations of pigmented spots on the lips, the reasons
If you have dark spots on the lip, anything good it does not mean, for starters, it’s just not aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, it can be a manifestation of the disease. Initially, consult your doctor, do not self-medicate, and do not think that this is just a cosmetic defect. For the appearance of such spots is responsible pigment melanin, which is a sort of a barrier in the way of harmful UV radiation. “My patients used the doctor’s advice, through which you can get rid of the problem for 2 weeks without much effort.
If you have a pigment spot on the upper lip, you should know some of the reasons for its occurrence:

  • Hair removal “antennae” zone;
  • The sun’s harmful UV radiation;
  • Allergic reactions to cosmetic products and procedures;
  • Hormonal disorders;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Violation of the internal organs (particularly liver);
  • Trauma;

Should I remove age spots and how to do it?

First of all, if you decide to remove pigmentation, consult your doctor, maybe if you find the cause of this pigmentation, namely breach in the body, and with the right diagnosis, adhering to the prescribed treatment, pigment spots may be lost by themselves.

Take it seriously, it is possible to chloasma, and it is connected with pregnancy. If you are not pregnant, like skin defects it causes a disturbance in the liver, adrenal glands or ovaries.

Another factor is the appearance of pigmentation Peutz-Jeghers syndrome is a gastrointestinal polyposis. However, this syndrome is characterized by the fact that is inherited, and if your close relatives of this disease was not, then do not worry, you may simply need less it is the sun.

If you care about your pigmentation, age spots vivid example of the lip can be seen in the image, and to compare with what you have.

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