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Five rules for healthy life

1. Proper nutrition – the cornerstone of perfect skin

We all know that, but not in a hurry to change the diet. To experiment try for a few weeks to include fruits and vegetables in the mandatory menu for each day and replace simple carbohydrates (white bread, biscuits and sweets, sauces, soft drinks) on complex carbohydrates (different kinds of cereals, bran, brown rice, quinoa) . Also temporarily refrain from very salty, smoked and spicy food, strong coffee (especially on an empty stomach) and alcohol. Some cosmetologists are advised to reduce the amount of milk-used or completely abandon it, but in this case it is important to just listen to your body. Observe exactly what foods your skin reacts rashes and try to remove them from the diet. Vegetable fats that are found in avocados, extra virgin olive oil, nuts and seeds have anti-inflammatory effects, so they should also be included in the menu. It is also very useful to drink a course of vitamins A, C and vitamin complex B. One last tip Nutrition: Drink lots of water.

2. Healthy sleep

Yes, this is how you can improve your skin condition. Scientists say that the most “useful” for the body clock from 22 until 03 hours. Maybe it’s time to check? It occurs during sleep regenerative processes in the body cells and get rid of toxins that have accumulated during the day. Also conducted research which showed that women will get fat if chronically enough sleep. Before going to bed, it is desirable to ventilate the room to fresh air. It is useful to drink herbal tea based on: chamomile, oregano, lavender, mint, lemon balm. Systematic use of these drinks not only promotes easy falling asleep, but healing effect on your skin.

3. Health and Care

It is important to wash 2 times a day: in the morning – or milk foam for washing, better on alkaline basis, in the evening – cleanser without harsh sulfates in the composition. In no case do not wash with soap, because it lowers the barrier and strongly dries the skin. Soap removes natural oils and irritate the sebaceous glands, which eventually emit much more sebum than they should. Estheticians also advised when washing first sprinkle the face with cool water to the pores narrowed, and the dust and dirt accumulated during the day, did not get into them. Then you can remove make-up: Apply cleanser, easy to massage and have warm water rinse. Warm water has the opposite effect – it extends and opens the pores on your face. At the end of the ritual again, rinse with cold water. Just a couple of tips on hygiene: do not forget once a week to change the pillowcases and take a shower immediately after sporting activities. Use full Israeli cosmetics.

4. Leave the skin alone

How often do we say that it is impossible to press pimples? But this advice is not unfounded. Squeezing a pimple, you open pores, which is fraught with the spread of infections on other areas of the skin. The situation is exacerbated if you do it on the move, with dirty hands and dirty skin. What happens when you squeeze unwanted acne? Improper cleaning of the person you are “pressed” sebum and bacteria in the skin layers, which are located deep. The investigation remains inflamed acne, which then become scars. To avoid such unpleasant results from the self-intervention suggested to turn to the beautician. It is no coincidence they use special tools and a certain angle. In the process you will not only cleanse and steam the skin, but in the end also consolidate the results of the mask, and then inflict a special tonic or cream. Also, try not to wear things that would have hampered the skin, or rubbed on her, such as scarves or headbands, as it can stimulate the appearance of acne.

5. Natural Beauty

Ideally, of course, it is better not to use cosmetics. But if you are still a lover of makeup, try to buy funds that are based on natural ingredients and minerals. Also, do not buy cheap makeup, because it can provoke the appearance of “cosmetic acne.” At first they appear as almost imperceptible bumps, but then increased in number and size. The researchers ascertain the facts when the patient tried to hide the bumps and applied more makeup, which subsequently led to further damage to the skin. And in any case, do not forget to wash off makeup at night. After all, when you sleep, body temperature rises, and the skin, like a sponge, absorbs the healing components of creams and serums. Now imagine that instead of nutrients skin absorbs the remnants of cosmetics and dust accumulated during the day. As a result of clogged pores, pimples appear and expand.

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