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Female hormones

Any hormones in our body, performing its biological role, must then break down and excreted from the body. Timely destruction and elimination of hormones foods allows the body to regulate the concentration of the amount of hormones.

This is the most effective way to regulate the concentration of hormone in the human body. As soon as they became more hormones failure mechanisms begin to work more effectively. They destroy the excess hormones and restore hormonal balance.

But over time, the system of regulation of hormonal balance are beginning to unravel. What is the reason? First of all, we need to understand what kind of system of regulation of the hormonal balance and the regulation of metabolism of hormones.

So, let us recall the well-known axiom of detoxification of foreign substances. In liver cells, as well as in some other organs and systems there are special enzymes that neutralize, destroy, promote the excretion of harmful, dangerous and alien substances. So, this same system frees our body not only by toxic unhealthy foods, but also regulates the destruction, ie, metabolism and excretion of excess hormones, thereby maintaining hormonal balance.

However, as a person growing up, as the breach of overall health is reduced or modified activity of these enzymes

As environmental pressures on our body increases, and vice versa, the cells’ ability to reproduce the necessary enzymes to facilitate removal from the body of harmful, dangerous and alien substances in conditions of chronic liver disease (if not carried out systematic preventive measures), in conditions of chronic intoxication is reduced.

In women aged 45-50 years active sexual function due to age begins to decline. This means an additional amount of released female sex hormones, i.e. they are not used by the body as extinction of sexual functions. On the other hand as a result of environmental press decreases the activity of enzymes of metabolism of female sex hormones, ie, Ever detoxification enzymes.

As a result, the balance of female sex hormones is disrupted. Their becomes larger.

What happens then?

Female sex hormones which have not been eliminated from the body, start to bind to receptors and genital mammary cells. And estrogen by binding to cells of the female reproductive organs, causing their growth or, as the doctors say, proliferation, ie, increase of intracellular organs and the total of these cells. They begin to grow. And where there is uncontrolled growth, there is a risk of precancerous and cancerous degeneration.

Finally, if a young girl female hormones by binding to receptors and cause the development of a natural growth of the genitals, then a woman 45-50 years, when all is formed, additional growth only leads to the danger of precancerous and cancerous degeneration.

There is a reason for upsetting the balance and metabolism of female sex hormones, which leads to uncontrolled cell growth and reproduction of female genital mutilation and breast, which is the most important factor in precancerous and cancerous degeneration of these organs

What should alert the physician?

When women aged 45-50 years are designated replacement therapy women grmonami, synthetic preparations containing synthetic estrogen, the doctor always have to say that the appointment of an additional estrogen in the form of pharmacological preparty, carries with it the risk of cancerous degeneration of the female genital organs.

A similar risk occurs in women when an imbalance of female sex hormones, and reducing the activity and utilization systems of these hormones in the metabolism of the human body.

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