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Feet skin

Almost everyone in awe refers to himself and his appearance. By the way, the appearance – it’s not just the face and dress and grooming, and the arms and legs. Unfortunately, some problems may arise with the skin on the feet. In most cases, this can disturb women. For foot problems – is not only a health problem, but also the aesthetic aspect.

Flaky and dry skin soles deliver maximum discomfort. In addition to the aesthetic side of these legs can itch, burn, in some cases, bleeding. May appear cracks and starts peeling off the skin on the feet. These signs may indicate serious health disorders. In what can really kroitsya problem? Why such details can not be ignored?

The reasons due to which the skin is peeling off feet

Every problem is a result of a malfunction of the body’s processes. Problems with the skin on the feet and between the toes can be caused by the following diseases:

  1. Increased sweating;
  2. Psoriasis;
  3. Kawasaki disease;
  4. Sunburns;
  5. The presence of calluses;
  6. The overabundance of vitamin A;
  7. Fungal infection;
  8. Eczema.

Another reason that peel off the skin on the feet and between the toes can be a change in the weather. this applies particularly warm time of the year. Due to the high temperatures and lack of moisture feet skin too dry and dehydrated. In addition, open shoes and legs is more exposed to external factors. But, and closed shoes (especially not quality) so can also be the cause of such problems. Prolonged exposure to heat, and it violates the aeration air, most often leads to the fact that the starting slazit skin between the toes.

The skin may be peeling off due to chemical exposure. That is, long-term use of soap or other chemical products. The overabundance of moisture the same consequence with feet problems. Therefore, cosmetics and cleaning agents must be selected carefully.

Solving problems

Human skin is constantly updated. Therefore, on the soles of the feet there are always dead cells of the epidermis (skin). In the process of friction they gradually disappear. To this natural process was seamless and painless it is necessary to prevent dehydration of the skin on the feet and moisturize it regularly specialized cosmetics.

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