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Erectile dysfunction and impotence in men.



Despite all the achievements of modern science and technology, as well as significant changes in the social sphere, most people today are still reluctant to discuss their sexual relations, considering this issue the most delicate, and therefore – partly restricted. Particularly acute for calls within the theme of male representatives react. Even when male sexual potency is reduced, they try to apply outwardly signs of anxiety, deliberately ignore or completely ignored this problem.

What is reduced potency in common?

Reduced potency in men, occurring in isolated cases should not give cause for concern. After all, because of time constraints sexual activity may be fatigue, stress, bad mood, and so on.. But if the problem occurs sporadically, and about 20-25 of sexual acts from 100 fails, it should be cause for referral to a specialist.

Among the signs of erectile dysfunction that should alert the man should be highlighted:

  • reduction or complete absence of sexual desire;
  • lack of erection in the presence of excitatory factors;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • lack of orgasm during intercourse.
  • Before looking for a way to restore potency, should understand why it is called.

COMMON CAUSES of reduced potency:

Reasons for decreasing potency in men can be psychological or organic nature. Most men believe that the potency is reduced due to the presence of various psychological factors. However, as shown by many studies, it is not so: 80% of men, erectile dysfunction is the result of organic changes associated with the presence of comorbidities.

Thus, the potency of the most frequently reduced in those men who observed:

  1. diabetes;
  2. obesity;
  3. heart and vascular diseases;
  4. neurological disorders;
  5. hormonal background;
  6. Various types of injuries.
  7. The negative impact on the potency also have bad habits (alcohol, cigarettes and drugs in particular). Some medications drugs used for the treatment of concomitant chronic diseases can also trigger male impotence. For example, a similar effect on the potency observed in the group of psychotropic drugs, antihypertensive drugs and antihistamines.

HOW TO IMPROVE potency in men?

  • In modern medical practice using a variety of methods and means to restore male potency. However, it is important to understand that the elimination of this problem should be complex, respectively, should pay attention to a lot of additional factors.
  • In particular, the improvement in potency is observed in the case, along with drug therapy man adjusts his habitual way of life. It is the most affordable, but at the same time incredibly difficult way to restore male libido.

For example, to increase the potency may be positively affected by the following factors:

  • Have regular sexual life. This is the key factor in achieving reproductive health. Male reproductive system must constantly train and loading that will improve not only the production of sperm, but also improve its quality.
  • Control of health. The potency of a man often suffers because of the presence of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. Some of them rarely manifest some symptoms, but their further development can affect all systems of the body, including sexual and reduce the power of potency.
  • Thoughtful diet. Increased potency is not feasible without making changes in the diet of man. To improve erectile function should think about reducing the amount of fat to 30%, eat foods rich in phosphorus (it has a direct impact on improving the potency, as involved in the formation of substances that regulate the production of sex hormones), zinc (this trace element is involved in the formation of testosterone, improves sperm quality and improves sexual functions) and vitamin E (also important for the maintenance of male power, as it reduces the risk of irreversible degenerative changes in the testes).
  • Refusal of bad habits. Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs significantly reduce the level of testosterone in the blood and thereby inhibit the male potency.
  • The full relaxation. Stressful situations and protracted depression in 20% of cases the cause of decreased libido in men.
  • You can help you organism to have a good and strong erection with prolonged sexual intercourse with Generic Levitra.
  • To prevent the development of such a scenario, there should be psychological treatment that will keep calm and equanimity, even in difficult situations.
  • Good dream. Restoration of male potency is difficult if you do not pay due attention to the night’s sleep. Its duration should be not less than 7 hours, otherwise it will weaken not only the erection but also the whole body.

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