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Facts about toxic substances

Air fresheners, and scented candles can cause a cancer, since they contain a substance limonene and when it is contacted with ozone contained in the air, it turns into a formaldehyde – toxic substance.

  • Scientifically proven cancer cells are transmitted to humans from the parasite – dwarf tapeworm!
    50 oz. smoked sausages contain the same amount of carcinogens from cigarette smoke stack.
    A daily intake of 50 grams of sausage or bacon, increase the risk of bowel cancer by 18%.
    Overweight – the result of accumulation in the body of toxins, toxins and the presence of parasites.
  • The cause of chronic prostatitis may be bacteria – Trichomonas, staphylococcus and other. They can not exercise their activity there for decades and lead their destructive activities.
    Tobacco smoke contains more than 4 thousand toxic substances.

Multi-colored cakes with artificial dyes are toxic! Four of the seven dye provoke cancer!

Medicinal drugs have toxic effects on the entire body:

  • Drinking beer by women can cause breast cancer, beer-carcinogen.
    Plastic utensils toxic and contributes to the development of breast cancer and prostate cancer.
    Baby bottles are toxic!
  • When constipation carcinogens trapped in the body and therefore a high probability of occurrence of a cancerous tumor in places where the stool in the colon.
    It is proved, 80% of chronic diseases and cancer are caused by the presence of parasites in the body.

SHOULD we clean our organism?

  • For these features, you can easily determine if you have a body, and if you need cleaning dirty? It can also be determined by a person if necessary purification.
    When cleaning can get rid of many diseases
    It would be naive to believe that the disease may be cured with the help of drugs.
    Medication chemicals – is foreign to human substances, which primarily fight with body cells.

What emotions prevail, if the body is DIRTY?

If the liver or gall bladder stones or sand, then dominated by anger.
The vessels (cholesterol plaques), and the small intestine of toxins, then there is a desire – smoking, alcohol and drug addiction.
With the accumulation of toxins, or toxins in the stomach and spleen, there is anxiety.
The intoxicated lung or colon – sadness.
In the kidney, bladder, urinary tract stones or sand, then you are subject to fear.
As a person starts to hurt

Have you began to get tired? Headache? As always, all blamed on congestion. Well when you rest after a happy and cheerful.

But often you can hear that in the weekend, you do not have time to relax, and after a short rest, the body is enough to recuperate. In the first stage of the organism contamination accumulates fatigue, and then cleansing the body is to restore METABOLISM

For the metabolism responsible bodies such as:

  • Spleen, kidneys, heart, lungs, liver
  • How to reduce the toxic load on the body
  • Running reduces the toxic load
  • It should drink daily with 30 ml of water per kg of weight.
  • Ventilate the room at least 2 times a day.
  • Weight loss. Most of the toxins found in body fat.

Weekly bath or sauna helps to cleanse the body of toxins, but you need a good sweat.
Exercise with heavy sweating also cleanses the body of harmful substances.
The constant use of bioproducts reduce the toxic load on the body.

It is necessary to get rid of stress.

Cleansing the body maintain organs and systems in good order
Heavy metals, chemicals, various E, which fall and are located in the body it does not belong. They simply should not be there. Their presence in the body leads to disease!
To our body was as small as possible toxic substances should be used purification.

Cleansing the body of toxins, parasites, carcinogens, toxins and recover their bodies function.

Cleansing the body excited men’s minds for thousands of years ago. Purification was widely used in Rome, Egypt, India and ancient China, and is now cleansing the body has become even more important.

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