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Facebuilding – facial gymnastics

Facebuilding – facial gymnastics

Fundamentals of methodology and expert advice of the coach of facial gymnastics.
Every woman dreams of having a tightened body and a smooth face without wrinkles. At the same time, many of them believe that not only hardware procedures for rejuvenation, injection and plastic can be effective, but also safe ways of correcting the appearance and lifting of the skin. Natural methods replace Botox and operations to preserve the youthfulness of the face. The most popular non-surgical technique for strengthening facial muscles is facebuilding.

In comparison with injection procedures and circular lifting, facebuilding is not so popular yet, but already has many followers. Like any sports training, it does not give immediate results unlike botox injections, but it provides a more lasting effect.


The author of the alternative method of facelift was the German plastic surgeon, specialist in the field of facial muscles, Dr. Reinhold Benz. His system of exercises, called by analogy with bodybuilding literally, as “building a face”, he came up with for a familiar ballerina. The effect of daily training exceeded all expectations: many wrinkles were smoothed out, and the woman’s face visibly rejuvenated. Subsequently, the technique became popular in Europe, in US, and later in other countries.

It is noteworthy that Benz and his followers, the most famous among them was Eva Fraser, in their works devoted to a unique effective technique, they advocated not the struggle with the natural aging process, but the restoration and toning of the muscular frame of the face. You can begin to engage in facebuilding at any age, but the sooner the muscles begin to tighten, the less risk that over the years the facial skin will sag.


According to the Bentz system, facial building should begin with the removal of muscle tension and face clamps. The second and most important thing in facebuilding is the regularity and accuracy of certain exercises. Disorderly movements of the facial muscles are not only useless, but can lead to the appearance of new wrinkles and folds. As for the frequency of facial exercises, the author recommends that they be practiced at least five times a week in the morning or evening. Systematic performance of Benz’s assignments yield a visible result in two weeks.

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