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Health of your eyes

Human eyes are always talking about the man more than his behavior in general, and the first impression of him is formed at a meeting when we meet views. Unhealthy view of the eye is unlikely to cause a good impression or contribute to sympathy: even though people in general, is not to blame, but all have their reasons. For example, red eyes do not arise out of nowhere, and the problem now faced by many people, regardless of age and occupation.

  • Red eyes, if this problem does not pass within a few days and begins to cause trouble, so you need to figure our the reason. Of course, you can immediately see a doctor – is the best solution, but in some cases the problem can be solved independently, and even at home.

There are a lot of reasons for this problem nowadays – for example, the environmental situation, about which so much written and said.

  • Well, if specifically, the eyes may turn red because they prevent dust, small insect or just an eyelash; due to exposure to sun and wind, a constant presence in areas with overdried air, tobacco smoke, household chemicals, malnutrition and improper cosmetics. Redness can also be due to an allergy – a reaction to pollen, animal dander; eyes redden at the sauna lovers and computer games; from a systematic lack of sleep, exposure to alcohol, colds; wrong choice and wearing contact lenses and spectacles. Sometimes due to the fact that the workplace is illuminated properly: it is enough to adjust the lighting, and the problem will act “by itself.”

Of course, the eyes may redden because of injuries and serious illnesses – such as glaucoma, keratitis, uveitis, etc., but this is a separate issue, and without specialist ophthalmologists are not sorted out.

Red eyes – dry eye syndrome

  • Dry eye syndrome also causes redness, but many people consider it harmless and not worth special attention. This is a mistake: to treat dry eye syndrome should be the doctor, and the self can result in very sad.
  • Usually, the doctor prescribes drops and ointment to moisten and protect the eyes Oftagel, Visine, Oksial, tears, natural and others. Do not buy these funds independently, on the advice of friends and acquaintances: they are mild, gentle and safe, but it may not be appropriate – Eye Treatment should be carried out individually. Besides drops can not give proper results, and then it is necessary to connect the surgical methods. In some cases, help to special contact lenses – they, too, picks up a specialist.
  • The development of dry eye syndrome can be prevented. In the rooms you use a humidifier, try to avoid exposure to tobacco smoke and dust, sunglasses, contact lenses properly use and do not forget that the eyes need to blink – no need to sit at the computer for hours, staring at the monitor. It is necessary to take breaks from work, spend more time outdoors, drink plenty of clean water – often a simple eye is not enough moisture; avoid alcohol, get enough sleep and eat properly. The diet should contain all the products needed for eye health – it is not hard to learn more, but the medicine should be careful: redness often associated with taking different medications.

How to deal with other causes of red eyes?

  • If eyes got something small, or just dust and sand, it is necessary to make washing of: running water, or lower face in a bowl of water, open their eyes and quietly blink. Even better washing effect decoction of chamomile. After washing the well to make a tea compress to your eyes by applying a swab dipped in warm tea, black or green.
  • To exclude an infection, you can during the day pokapat sulfacetamide or Chloramphenicol (1-2 drops 4 times); If you wear contact lenses, do not wear them at least an hour, and it is better that day without them. If after all this redness is gone and you feel in the eye “something extra”, there is edema, appear allocation, will have to go to an ophthalmologist.
  • Redness from exposure to operating room air conditioning, smoke sauna, sun, wind and cold also removed tea and chamomile compresses, but sometimes it helps just a warm bath.
  • You can for 20-25 minutes to make your eyes a clean handkerchief soaked in cool water.

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