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The study involved 12 people with epilepsy.

Scientists have provided evidence of the possibility of creating implants capable of stimulating long-term memory, according to Nature.

The study was commissioned by the Defense Advanced Development Agency (DARPA) of the Ministry of Defense. the results were presented at the conference of the Society for Neuroscience in Chicago.

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  • For translation of short-term memory into long-term answers hippocampus – steam structure of the brain, located in the medial temporal areas of the cortex.
    It is also responsible for the formation of short-term memory based on sensory information and human perception of time and space.
  • The researchers found that at memory consolidation (translated into long-term memory), a signal passing from the area CA3 hippocampal CA1.

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  • Imitation of this signal will stimulate long-term memory, including the elderly and those who have suffered a head injury.
  • The study involved 12 people with epilepsy. They established a brain electrodes to record EEG brain stimulation and its individual zones.
    Participants were shown various images and a half minutes later asked to recall which ones they had seen.

It reported the first case of “infection” of human cancer:

During the show, the images, scientists recorded the signals passing between the areas CA3 and CA1.

Based on these data, scientists have developed an algorithm that can predict the activity of CA1 area type of signal that should come from CA3. In 80 percent of cases, the researchers predict signal proved to be accurate.

However, according to the scientists, this area still requires careful study and additional experiments, so to speak about the results until early.

After conducting another round of tests, researchers plan to develop the first prototype device that stimulates the area of ​​the hippocampus, responsible for memory consolidation.

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Meanwhile, it is believed that only a single simulation of the signal passing between CA3 and CA1, may be insufficient to stimulate a long-term memory if the cell is damaged area CA1.

This question is being studied commissioned by DARPA at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Work carried out on the project of creation of devices capable of stimulating the memory of soldiers with head injuries.
DARPA program to create implants that stimulate long-term memory, launched in February 2014.

It is attended by two groups of researchers. University of Southern California received for works of 15 million dollars, and the University of Pennsylvania – $ 22.5 million.

Meanwhile, in July, scientists talked about the harmful effects of smart phones on human memory.

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