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Elbows Skin

How to soften the skin on the elbows?

And now for the skin on the elbows – why it darkens, it becomes rough and scaly? On the skin of the elbows a little sebaceous glands, and protective film there are practically no, and so there are cracks, blisters and minor wounds. And if besides wearing synthetic sweaters and turtlenecks, and even in the cold season, the skin on the elbows will constantly shelled, and may even get a rash. Do not rely on your elbows, if there is no need: you can read a book in the other position, and while the food is also better to sit up straight – we try and put his elbows on the dining table; and only open the door with his elbows and did not – not that they are intended.

  •  Dryness and roughness of the skin on the elbows can talk about the problems in the endocrine system, so consult with your doctor is also necessary: ​​a specialist will help balance the diet, and pick up the necessary vitamins – such as elbows often suffer from lack of vitamins A and E.
  • For prevention is enough 2 times a week to use any scrub, or purchase a home, or even just to rub elbows harsh washcloth – fat cream they should be lubricated every day, with suitable even normal “children.”

If the skin began to peel off, and grow coarse, you should use compresses, baths and masks.

  • Packs are more effective, but it is better to do at night – discs or swabs soaked with oil, it is necessary to fix on his elbows. During the day you can do the bath with oil: sunflower, corn, olive, almond, burdock, or even avocado oil – keep your elbows in warm oil to 15 minutes, and then gently wipe the cloth and gently rub the sponge – dead cells are easily removed. Even if just to rub oil in your elbows when you are in the kitchen, the skin on them is no longer dark and rough.
  • For compresses good use of fresh cabbage leaves: they need to knead slightly, attach to the elbows, primotat bandage and leave overnight.
    The mask with a dry milk and lemon: milk (1/4 cup) was mixed with lemon juice, so as to obtain a slurry – water can be added. The mixture is applied to damp skin elbows, hold 20 minutes, wash off and a few minutes gently rub hard sponge, then smeared with fat cream elbows.

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