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All kinds of detox programs win the world. Fasting on the water, juice detox, unloading diets … We offer you a guide for detox programs that you can try at home without negative health consequences.

There was practically no man left who did not hear about the detox. This fashionable word – detox – means nothing more than detoxification. In this case, our body.

What is it and what does it eat? How not to get lost in the sea of ​​information and not to harm yourself with promising programs for cleaning the body, which often cost a lot of money? I offer information about who needs it, why and how to conduct a detox program at home itself.

So what’s the point of it?

The modern concept of “detox” is based on curative starvation. When we take a break in food, then there are several things:

The body has time and the opportunity to throw all the forces to its recovery, because he does not need to spend enormous energy on the processing of food, which we so diligently into ourselves push every day. It is unlikely that any of the modern people in the civilized world knows how real hunger is felt.

With refusal of food or with its restriction after some time the intestine is emptied (this process is individual, depends on the metabolic rate and on the presence or absence of diseases of the digestive system). After all, all the contents come out, but nothing new arrives. The entire “population” of the intestine also begins to starve (the population means numerous microorganisms). In this case, the bacteria that inhabit the intestine, unlike us, can not live without food for 30 days. Therefore, they perish. Not all, of course, but many. If everything is simplified, then the good bacteria we need are fed with fiber, and the bad bacteria with sugar and yeast. If neither of these substances arrive, everyone dies. If, with sparing detox types, we eat a lot of vegetables rich in fiber, then good bacteria survive.

When the caloric content of the diet is limited, fat is burned. And fat, as you know, is a store of toxins in the body. Therefore, as the fat tissue decreases, the level of toxins also decreases.

It is on these three principles that the therapeutic property of detox-courses is based.

Types of detox programs

Fasting on plain water is the most effective, but also the most difficult. The maximum period that I met in the professional literature is 21 days. This kind of detox is not all tolerated, and I do not advise you to resort even to one day on the water without first consulting a doctor or a nutritionist.

Starvation on vegetable broth with the addition of anti-inflammatory seasonings (turmeric, parsley, ginger, lemon). In this case, unlike water starvation, the volume of vegetable broth is strictly regulated by the amount: no more than 150 milliliters three times a day. Water and herbal tea can also be drunk in unlimited quantities. I myself went through such a detox-course for four days. A detailed report can be viewed in my blog. This method, I would also not advise without prior consultation with a specialist. There are contraindications, and not everyone can tolerate the lack of food.

Juice detox. There are varieties: with a restriction on the volume and without limitation. Also there are options: only on fruit juices, only on vegetable or on a mixture of both. I would not recommend detox with the use of only fruit juices: they contain too much sugar, which means that this course will not only be difficult to endure due to blood sugar leaps, but it can also seriously damage the intestinal microflora. After all, harmful bacteria love sugar! Therefore, it is better to choose a variant on vegetable or fruit-vegetable juices.

Detox on smoothies. The principle is approximately the same as that of a juice detox. Only in this case you get also fiber from vegetables and fruits. Smoothies in this case are prepared in a blender and diluted with plain or coconut water to the desired consistency. This is a more gentle option than detox on juices. The main thing is to choose smoothies with low acidity. Otherwise, even a healthy stomach can not stand. Ideally, there should be three different smoothies of three different colors per day. After all, different colors have different microelements. Still it is possible to vary smoothies and vegetable soups-mashed potatoes. For example, in the morning you drink a portion of smoothies, and for lunch and / or dinner you eat soup from grated vegetables. Anti-inflammatory seasonings are also suitable here.

Detox on vegetables that have been heat treated. This is a very gentle kind of cleansing. In this case, for a few days you eat only cooked vegetables. No cereals, bread, potatoes and corn (because of the high content of starch), nuts, beans. Only that which is simply digested and does not load the digestive system. I would recommend in this case a restriction on the volume: three times a day for 200-300 grams of vegetables. The more varied the menu, the better. Plus it is possible and it is necessary to fill vegetables with vegetable oil of cold pressing. Salt is allowed in small quantities.

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