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Chinese exercises

Chinese exercises with osteoarthritis of the knee.

These exercises are called Chinese Qigong. They are made with osteoarthritis knee 3-6 months.

The average level. Each exercise is 1 to 14, contains 36 repetitions of movements.

Preparation. All the body naturally relaxed. To stand on a flat surface. Feet parallel at a distance of 20 cm.

Exercise 1. “That Wei gives his staff.”

Hands in front of chest, palms down, fingers toward each other.

Movement: starting with the left foot alternately bend your knees (as if walking in place without interruption heels off the ground). 36 times.

Exercise 2. “The Elder Chi moves (energy)” chi “.

I. n .: in Ex. 1.

Movement: Both forearm (from the left hand) discharged alternately forward and slightly to the side in a horizontal plane. Arm movements are carried out in time with the movements of the legs. Since the beginning of the movement of the forearm and straightening the elbow of his left hand bend the right knee. Right hand this time in front of chest. Then bend the left knee, while the right hand is unbent. The left ‘hand back to his chest.

Exercise 3 “Swap objects with both hands.”

The palms of both hands in 20 cm against each other in front of his stomach. Fingers pointing forward.

Movements are performed with both hands (without connecting and pushing hands), first to the left and down (left knee bent), then to the right and down (bend right knee). As if raising and lowering both hands, swap back and forth small items.

Exercise 4. “That Luo draws a pumpkin at.”

The left knee bent. Both hands on the right at chest level, palms down, on the same plane. The right arm bent, pulled slightly forward and slightly to the side, left forearm perpendicular to the forearm, right hand, left hand fingers are directed to the right wrist. The distance between the hands of a few centimeters.

Movement: hands move at the same time, describing a circle in a clockwise direction. The left hand should be behind the right wrist also in a horizontal plane. Since the beginning of movement of the arms to the body left knee flexes and bends right.

Exercise 5. “Dragon Daughter shakes thread.”

Chinese exercises: Hands in front of his stomach with his hands left over right.

Movement: the left hand is slightly pushed forward and falls down in the direction of the left knee, right hand turns his hand to his stomach and rises just above the stomach. * These movements begin simultaneously with flexion of the left knee. Then, respectively, right hand turns palm down and down in the direction of the right knee, left arm extends between the right arm and abdomen EPX palm up to the stomach (right knee bent and unbent left). And so on 36 times.

Exercise 6. “Dragon’s daughter collects lotus.”

Hands in front of the abdomen, palms down, at a distance of 20 cm from each other. The fingers are relaxed and pointing forward.

Movement: the same as in exercise 3 but his hands pressed to mimic the elastic air.

One of the hand (the right hand, the left) is always in the boundaries of the body.

Exercise 7. “apohanam tames tiger”. *

The right hand in the abdomen, the left side at the same level, palms facing the body. half clasping fingers (keep an imaginary apple). The right knee is bent.

Movement: straighten your right knee (bend left), at the same time to change the position of the hands.

Exercise 8. “Monk demonstrates the art of possession of a stick.”

Hands grip the abdomen at the level of the top gently squeeze imaginary stick (a stick is placed horizontally). Between brushes -. 10 cm straighten left knee (right bend) at the same time to move to the right “stick.” Then all the appropriate manner in the opposite direction.

Exercise 9. “Heavenly King pierces cloud hands”.

Hands as well as in the exercise. 3, 6. But the brush with his hands to his fingers together and directed vertically downward. The thumbs are hardly visible from the back of the hand, palm slightly spaced from and directed more to the stomach and down.

Movement is the same as in Ex. 3, 6. But the hands have to move to bend your knees, each time as if piercing the air with your fingers.

This last exercise on the background of “walking in place.” Subsequent exercises are performed in conjunction with the movements of the hips from side to side without bending his knees. The number of repetition of movement remains the same – 36 times.

Exercise 10. “The old monk swinging.”

Both his palms to his abdomen below the navel (one to another). Men’s Day – left hand between the abdomen and the right hand (for women vice versa).

Movement of the body are carried out by the movement of the hips from side to side.

Brushes are not touching. The distance between them is 5 cm. The axis passing through the center of the palm and a point in the lower abdomen, not displaced.

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